Tabata Something Else

Score was total reps. My score was 420. I’m logging the numbers for each exercise from memory. I was pleased with how many I did on sit-ups, squats, and push-ups. I had had a migrain today, took a Maxalt at noon, ate brunch, and took a 90+ minute nap. I woke up at 3:10 extremely groggy and could hardly imagine going down to the gym to teach, let alone working out. Of course, once my 4:30 PM class was into their workout, I wanted to work out too, which I did with the 5:30 group.

Sit-ups, about 83
Squats, about 174
Jumping pull-ups, about 110
Push-ups, 53


Deadlifted today with my noon class, up to 5 x 205. I reset completely between each rep by standing up without the bar and making sure I was still positioned correctly relative to the barbell. I used the hook grip. After two reps I switched to the alternating grip. After the third rep I felt that I was done, that my adductors were pulling a bit and were somehow unready for this weight. I wrote down my 205 x 3, changed my mind, went back to the bar and did my last two reps using the hook grip (my standby!) with my hands a bit closer together than on the first two reps. The final two felt just fine and I was glad to get all five lifts done.

Rippetoe’s deadlift set-up sequence that I use and teach:
1) Stand with your shins about 1 inch from the bar (no closer)
2) With your legs straight, put your hands on the bar just outside your legs. Do not move the bar.
3) Bring your shins forward to the bar by bending your knees. Push your knees gently out into your elbows.
4) Keeping your butt where it is, lift your chest, pressurize and pull the bar right up the front of your legs.

I didn’t do today’s WOD because I haven’t eaten yet today.

Catching up

Today, Monday, April 23:
back squat up to 2 x 5 at 175. Not too hard.
“Daniel mod”
25 pull-ups
run 500m
15 thrusters 75 lbs
run 500m
15 thrusters 75 lbs
run 500m
25 pull-ups
I was Rx but did not time myself. I felt very out of gas – not sure why unless it was the hiking in the hot sun yesterday and the long drive – so I had given myself permission to start the workout but not finish it. I did finish right before it was time to start the 4:30 class.

Friday April 20:
AMRAP 10 minutes 10 DB (power) clean and press (or jerk) (35#/25#); 10 double-unders. I was lackadaisical and was watching trainees, and only got 5+ rounds. Later Ernie prompted me and KC into seeing how many double-unders we could do in 10 minutes. I did 407. I stopped a lot, changed ropes twice, etc. I was wearing my Inov8 minimal shoes (which I’m not in love with) and my left achilles started aching, which it did for the next two days.

Wednesday April 18:
EMOTM 12 minutes Sprint to fence and back; 7 Wall ball (20#/12#).
Nearly made me barf. On one of the middle rounds I did only three wallball. All the rest were as expected.

Monday April 16
“This ain’t no Cindy” AMRAP 15 minutes:
5 pull-ups (kip);
10 wall ball, 12 lbs;
15 KB swing, 16 kg.
9+ rounds

Friday April 13
Fight Gone Bad
Rx, score 240

Weds. April 11
Back squat up to 150 x 10
“Rahoi” AMRAP 12 minutes:
12 Box Jump (24”/20”)
6 Thruster (95#/65#)
6 Bar-facing burpees
6+ rounds Rx


Monday: Shoulder press up to two sets of 5 at 70. This is so weak! Still trying to learn Rip’s new method. I’ll stick with it and go up two pounds at a time.

Then: AMRAP 3 minutes, rest 1 minute, 5 rounds:
3 deadlift (140#), 6 push-up, 9 air squats. I got through 18 and a half rounds. Hurt my left low back slightly from the deadlift. By mid-afternoon Tuesday it wasn’t bothering me. I’m not ready to DL or kettlebell swing yet, though.

Tuesday: Handstand practice. Then “Annie,” Rx, 8:51. All double-unders unbroken; slow on sit-ups!

On Sunday I suggested to Tom that we go for a walk on the lakeshore. We ended up walking over six miles — from a bit south of I-90 to the Seward Park tennis court area and back. Those two black ducks are still there. I now think they are permanent residents. On Monday my legs were tired and my hams slightly sore from that long walk.

In the wrong order

Today I got in to the gym later than I’d planned, and was dreading today’s WOD, so I did that first instead of the barbell lift.

Run 400m
20 pull-ups
30 dumbbell push-press (25 lbs)
Run 800m
30 dumbbell push-press
20 pull-ups
Run 400m
Time: 15:23. I’m a terrible runner!

Then I back-squatted up to 170 for two sets of five. That was a back-off from last time but it was still hard after that workout, so I feel like it was worthwhile.

Tomorrow I have to fast on only clear fluids and then use a harsh laxative in prep for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. (Family history.)

Yesterday Tom and I went with Liz M. to hike up West Tiger Summit (at Tiger Mountain), a 6.2-mile hike according to the signs on the trail.

West Tiger Summit