Monday: Shoulder press up to two sets of 5 at 70. This is so weak! Still trying to learn Rip’s new method. I’ll stick with it and go up two pounds at a time.

Then: AMRAP 3 minutes, rest 1 minute, 5 rounds:
3 deadlift (140#), 6 push-up, 9 air squats. I got through 18 and a half rounds. Hurt my left low back slightly from the deadlift. By mid-afternoon Tuesday it wasn’t bothering me. I’m not ready to DL or kettlebell swing yet, though.

Tuesday: Handstand practice. Then “Annie,” Rx, 8:51. All double-unders unbroken; slow on sit-ups!

On Sunday I suggested to Tom that we go for a walk on the lakeshore. We ended up walking over six miles — from a bit south of I-90 to the Seward Park tennis court area and back. Those two black ducks are still there. I now think they are permanent residents. On Monday my legs were tired and my hams slightly sore from that long walk.