Deadlifted today with my noon class, up to 5 x 205. I reset completely between each rep by standing up without the bar and making sure I was still positioned correctly relative to the barbell. I used the hook grip. After two reps I switched to the alternating grip. After the third rep I felt that I was done, that my adductors were pulling a bit and were somehow unready for this weight. I wrote down my 205 x 3, changed my mind, went back to the bar and did my last two reps using the hook grip (my standby!) with my hands a bit closer together than on the first two reps. The final two felt just fine and I was glad to get all five lifts done.

Rippetoe’s deadlift set-up sequence that I use and teach:
1) Stand with your shins about 1 inch from the bar (no closer)
2) With your legs straight, put your hands on the bar just outside your legs. Do not move the bar.
3) Bring your shins forward to the bar by bending your knees. Push your knees gently out into your elbows.
4) Keeping your butt where it is, lift your chest, pressurize and pull the bar right up the front of your legs.

I didn’t do today’s WOD because I haven’t eaten yet today.