MovNat 1-day Seattle workshop

Sunday Tom and I and Kyle and Sabrina and a bunch of other people spent all day at Lincoln Park with Brian from MovNat. It was so fun and so tiring! I slept harder the next two nights than I had in a long time. I learned two new ways to get on top of a pull-up bar, got my bar muscle-up back, learned a breathing technique to help with balancing on a log or fence on two feet or all fours, and learned a technique to reduce dizziness from forward rolls. Here’s a summary/list we all made up afterward:

1) Moved around the wet grass with our eyes closed. Bound across sidewalk as if it’s hot. Creep through a low cave, then a narrow passage. Step over fences and stalagmites.
2) Jumping: broad jumps, sideways jumps, jump off one foot onto both feet, jump across midline and away from midline. We usually had a small target we wanted to land on (such as a particular patch of dandelion).
3) Balance on logs. Standing, walking, walking backwards, crouching for balance (keep your arms down), pivoting to go the other way. Diaphragm breathe. Later we tried balance-walking on the rail fence.
4) Deadlift logs. Clean one end of it up. Shoulder carry with its center of gravity slightly behind you.
5) Deadlift rocks. Lap it and get it where you want it so you can stand up with it or shoulder it.
6) Climbing. Pull-up bar: Forearm active shoulder; push up above bar; leg-hook method also with forearms on bar, then up; hip-over; talked about muscle-up but did not do them with the instructor
7) Pole climb. Keep feet above hips. Walk hands up, then feet.
8) Ground work; pivots including “mermaid” or “shin box,” lunges, rolls forward and back. Back rolls started stationary both prone and supine. In-line kneeling lunge as balance practice. Brian’s teacup-ride roll (around in an expanding circle in a happy-baby position)
8.5) Crawling sequence: start with hands and knees crawl to establish contralateral movement. Then toes underneath and knees off the gound (bear crawl – for uphill but try it downhill). Next, crawl on forearms instead of hands. Low crawl with knees out. Lower crawl sideways (?). Drag the legs with the upper body, reaching arms forward. Crab walk (for downhill, but try it uphill). Shrimping. Do all of them forward and backward. Crawl tag drill.
9) Rescue drag and fireman carry
10) Barefoot running
11) Combo. Carry your partner one way, she/he carries you other way. Both bearcrawl one way and backwards crawl the other way. Both do 3 forward rolls, run around the tree and to the finish line.