Yesterday mild strength stuff

Yesterday we had a 20+ minute extravaganza of running, pull-ups and kettlebell swings. I was oddly tired from the previous full day of travel and felt I couldn’t tolerate a lengthy beating like that. (I think “Helen” is a good workout, but taking the same stuff and stretching it out so much longer doesn’t feel right unless I’m super fresh and full of energy.) I was a bit pressed for time–when I started, it was 40 minutes before my class. I prefer to allow 90 minutes, do a barbell and CrossFit workout, then still have at least 30 minutes before class. So this felt a little bit stressful. I did a couple of warm-up sets of 5 presses and deadlifts and a few pull-ups, then did six rounds, not timed, of:

10 deadlift, 135 lbs
5 presses, 65 lbs
5 strict pull-ups
This felt just right! I felt alive all over, quite tired after a few hours had passed, and slept great.