Last week muscle-up work

On June 16 Tom and I were at Carl Paoli’s gymnastics seminar and got to work on hollows, push-ups, handstand push-ups, pistols, pull-ups, muscle-ups, burpees, and rope climbs. I didn’t get a muscle-up, but on one of the following days I almost did, here in our gym. Gavin was here and egging me on to head-butt him. I used a false grip and managed to kip up over the rings and hold for a few seconds, let out a scream, and come back down. I got over the rings one more time but my left hand flew out. On following days, including today, I haven’t been able to get up again. Working on muscle-up drills is VERY taxing and makes my bones hurt in my forearms, and my arms hurt all the way from my shoulders to my hands. My hands get so weak I can’t pick up a weight plate to put it away. I have to try these just a few times at a go and then lay off.

35th Birthday

I only wish it were my 35th birthday. This workout is the one we did on May 16 on Sabrina’s 35th.

35 double-unders
35 kettlebell swings
35 dumbbell hang cleans
35 supermans
35 dumbbell snatch
35 knees to elbows
35 push-press
35 stiff leg deadlifts

There are supposed to be 35 sit-ups following the kettlebell swings. These were accidentally left off the whiteboard, so today’s time won’t compare directly to May 16. My time today sans sit-ups: 14:36. All weighted drills were with two 20-lb dumbbells. On May 16, my time (including sit-ups) was 16:59 with the same weights.

Snatch and jump rope

Today: AMRAP 10 minutes, 16-kg kettlebell snatch x 20 and 20 double-unders. I got 6+ rounds.

Yesterday I did a workout from last week that I had skipped:
10 renegade rows (push-up with a dumbbell row on each side)
Run 250m
AMRAP 20 minutes
I got 6 rounds using 20-lb dumbbells.

I felt like I was super slow, but looking at the whiteboard photo on Facebook from that day, I see that only guys used 20 lbs and I missed their number of rounds by one or two rounds — not by half, as I thought when I tried to remember what people had done. I really, really hate renegade rows! (A/K/A manmakers.)

Dips, kettlebell swings, hollowrocks

Yesterday we worked on holding the top and bottom of a dip on bars and rings and a little bit on how to kip up out of the bottom by lifting your knees and kicking down. The workout was: 15 KB swings, 10 hollowrocks, 5 full-range dips using whatever mods you needed, 12 rounds for time. My time was 17:37 with 16 kg and unassisted dips on rings or bars. I practiced the kip technique.

On Tuesday I went for a 2+ hour bike ride down through Beacon Hill. I went through the neighborhood I “discovered” last year in May, with the houses at the foot of the forested hill. There was a big lot on a corner, overlooking I-5 into Georgetown, that had an ancient house on it, and now it was gone, replaced with new townhomes and a backhoe. Anyway it was a great bike ride in the sun.

CrossFit for Hope

This past week I worked a lot on Carl Paoli’s muscle-up prep drills from his most recent two CrossFit Journal videos. I think I’m getting close to doing one with a big kip and no false grip. The only reason I’ve never done one is because I have indulged in something I don’t like to see people do: neglect to practice it and then say I can’t do it.

Today: CrossFit for Hope with Tom and George. My score was 154 rx’d. The format was like fight gone bad, but the exercises were burpees, power snatch 75#, box jumps 24 inches, thrusters 75#, chest to bar pull-ups.

Deadlift and chipper

I deadlifted up to 210 x 5 again. It was harder than last time, probably because I didn’t sleep well. I wasn’t sore or tired from anything else, but as soon as I started warming up by rowing 500m, my legs felt fatigued. Today I started a new training schedule of teaching classes at 7:30 and noon on Mondays and Fridays instead of the afternoons, so I kept waking up all night wondering if it was time to get up.

Today’s workout of the day: 50 double-unders, 40 sit-ups, 30 med ball cleans, 20 pull-ups, 10 handstand push-ups, 3 rounds for time. I used a 12-pound ball. For sit-ups following on my deadlift, I mixed up sit-ups, planks with hand lifts, and back-lying leg lifts. I don’t like mixing loads of sit-ups with deadlifts because I don’t like the ultra tired feeling I get in my low back from it. For my handstand push-ups, I put my feet on a 20″ box and did semi-inverted push-ups. You don’t get much range of motion that way but it’s nice to try something different. I should have done divebomber ones instead. Anyway, my time was 17:23.