Barbells today

I practiced bench pressing in order to review for a personal training session! I love the bench press, but I hardly ever do it since I don’t normally have anyone to spot me. Today I thought, don’t be silly, just bench a little bit and you can do without a spotter… so I got up to only 65 lbs. Two sets of five then a set of 8. I alternated those with front squats up to 2 sets of 8 at 140. Next time 145.

Unplanned, I jumped into today’s WOD with my noon class.
10 clean and press (I used a 45 lb barbell)
10 double-unders
AMRAP 10 minutes
I got 7 rounds. Would have gotten more but I didn’t start right at the start of the 10 minutes, and I stopped a few times to check on somebody. My shoulders feel great.

Saturday I worked on muscle-up attempts a little bit. I had learned I need to keep my chin way tucked, and then Tom pointed out that I also need to pull up at an angle in order to pivot forward. I’ll keep trying. Yesterday we went to Discovery Park and did a bunch of jumps onto log barriers, log rails, bench backs, drift logs… Jumping around, lunging, stretching, etc. makes going for a walk in the park feel so much better than just walking.