Strength workout today

I’m not doing anything that seems like it would aggravate my always-sore upper left hamstring. Today: press up to 1 set of 8 at 73 lbs. Then an un-timed WOD: 3 false-grip pull-ups, 3 press at 70, 3 toes to bar, 10 rounds. I warmed up my shoulders with PVC-stick rotations and pass throughs, and with internal rotation mobility drills (lying down with the barbell immobilizing the shoulder while I internally rotated the arm).

For the false-grip pull-ups, I focused on attempting to do two in a row without losing the false grip. I was able to do this about half the time. On the presses, I focused on trying to use the hips-forward “whip” per Rippetoe’s semi-“Olympic”-style press method. On the toes to bar, I focused on not relaxing at the bottom for an extra swing, but coming right back up. I was not fast at that. To do it at all, I have to come down slow and controlled, tighten my glutes at the bottom, and then I can do another rep without a swing. I’d like to be able to string them together efficiently like the good CrossFitters do, so that’s why I’m exploring what it is I need to engage.

I haven’t logged all my workouts. Since last week’s “Fran,” I did a few press workouts and a bunch of muscle-up attempts. The Fran really flared up the sore hamstring and made me realize I needed to see a therapist for it (which I am) and let it rest. I haven’t even walked to the gym since then.