Yesterday I went in the morning to Seward Park, to the kayak put-in area on the south side of the park. It’s a gravel beach on the sunny side of the park, nice and clean, little or no weeds growing in the water. When we have hot weather the wind is mostly from the north for some reason, so this beach is sheltered and the water is like a mirror. It’s amazingly beautiful. With the calm water, I swam pretty well (able to stay more relaxed in the water). I easily swam past a landmark I chose as a target. The water felt sooo good! I was in for about fifteen minutes.

I dried off in the sun a little and then drove to the gym without changing out of my bathing suit. I went out on the big public dock and jumped in again. So nice… I swam across a short distance to some boat docks with no trouble, and back, without my fins. I got out and then jumped back in one more time. There were a few kids on the dock and swimming also. Two teen girls were swimming all over the place, just playing. Today I went back at 9:30 AM to the dock and had it completely to myself. The sun and air were warm and the water felt so good! This time I swam the whole triangle that I’d seen the girls do yesterday. I went to the boat dock, then out to an empty boat dock, and back to where I started on the police dock. These are not far distances, but for me to have the confidence to do it is really good.

Before I left, I walked out to the far end of the large dock and jumped off the short railing, paddled around in the swells for a minute or two, and climbed out via the ladder. It was all such a great experience! Swimming outdoors in a beautiful place is such a dream.