Yesterday’s handstands and Tabatas

Yesterday was a good day! We had five or more people in every class but one. I was happy with the way the handstand (and related drills) practice went during my classes, and I had fun working out with Jim’s group. I did some decent handstands. I still try to practice the really tight way of kicking up that I learned at Carl Paoli’s seminar. It feels great when it works, but I’ve not achieved the same degree of balance that I did when he had me “chasing” his hand with my feet while handwalking. That was pretty great.

We did Tabata Something Else: pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats. My pull-ups were butterfly kips and I think I got 50 in the eight rounds. My push-ups did not hold up well for long. My sit-ups were slowish, and my squats were fast. Score: 300 total.