“Randy” again Rx

Sunday I did a scaled “Randy” – 75 snatches for time at only 30 lbs – as one of the benchmarks for the Lurong Paleo Challenge. Yesterday I did it Rx (55 lbs) in 8:59.

In the evening I tried a muscle-up and got closer than ever. I got my elbows vertically above the rings and had time to struggle. But rather than staying calm and trying to kip out of the dip, I was so astonished to have been able to push my head and shoulder forward as I’m supposed to that I kicked my feet unproductively and could not get up. I was like, “Oh my God. I’m here. I’m here. Wait, I wonder if I can get up now?” Hopefully next time I won’t be so surprised and will be ready to PUSH!

Catching up

Today with Kyle’s class: shoulder press up to 87 x 3 (calc. 1RM then is 96). Then:
400m run
21 wallball 14 lbs
15 KB swings 16 kg
400m run
15 wallball
9 KB swings
400m run
9 wallball
6 KB swings
Time: 9:38 Then I did a ladder of 12 kg weighted pull-ups that ended up being: 1-2-3-2-2-2-2-2, followed by a bunch of informal balance work, walking on the parallettes (fun!) and the boards, and doing handstands.

Yesterday (Sunday): 75 snatches for time, 30 lbs. This was the scaled version of one of the Lurong Challenge benchmark WODs. Time: 5:51.

Saturday: MovNat, two hours of crawling, moving around on the ground in many ways, balancing on stuff, jumping, carrying, climbing. Tired!

Friday: Lurong WOD, scaled. 5 rounds for time of 20 burpees and 20 KB swings (12 kg). Time: 14:04. Immediately afterwards, with my noon client: Ascending ladder reps of wallball 12# and sit-ups. How high do the pair get in 12 minutes? We got 15 full rounds of both exercises each, plus one rep into the next round. This was fun. We traded off exercises; I did one thing while she did the other.

Thursday: 3 rounds for time
20 DB snatch alternating arms, 20# (too light, oops)
20 sit-ups
Run 400m
Time: 11:32
I was worried about the hamstring so I snatched light and ran slow. Well, I always run pretty slow I guess.

Wednesday: EMOTM 10 minutes 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, max double-unders. Double-unders go until the next minute starts, so there’s no rest. I was tired and ended up quickly switching to jumping pull-ups and doing 5 reps of each of the three things, then getting about 18-20 doubleunders. This workout was very humbling!

Tuesday: “Christine” the scaled Lurong Challenge version:
Row 500m
12 half bodyweight deadlifts (65 lbs)
21 box jumps 12 inches
Time: 11:47

Kettlebell workout

Yesterday: 5 KB snatch per side, 5 push-ups, AMRAP 10 minutes.

I started with a 12 kg kettlebell to try to make sure snatches didn’t make my injured hamstring feel worse. They didn’t, so I switched to a 16 kg. I did my push-ups on dumbbells to get down lower than normal. I did 11 rounds and something like five extra reps. I rested a bit between rounds to check in with the hamstring, so I know if I pushed I could get 12 rounds. Hopefully next time.

The hamstring doesn’t hurt a lot, but it aches a little when I rest and over all it feels compromised. When I do leg swings it feels very tight in that spot so I can’t move it through the same range as the other leg.

I’m supposed to do three benchmark workouts for the paleo challenge that started yesterday. It’s hard for me to wait on them, but I will do them at the last minute.

Catching up

In the past week my hamstring ache has come back. The PT thinks it’s a tear and I guess I re-injured it last week when I did some 219 pound deadlifts and at least one high box jump. It is starting to feel better as of yesterday. I’ve been doing shoulder press, push-up and pull-up ladders, and rubberband muscle-up drills.

Today’s pull-up ladder was all strict pull-ups, 1-2-2-3-4-5-4-3-3-2-2-1. And I did the shoulder press first, up to several sets of two and three at 81. Last time, a few days ago, it was several sets of 3 at 77. Prior to that it was 1 x 8 at 75 on two different days.

Yesterday I did two pull-up and push-up ladders during two class periods. I’m trying to stay strong while trying not to challenge the hamstring.

Today: “Hope” plus

11 AM: Muscle-up drills for about 10 minutes of alternating band-assist drill and muscle-up attempts on the high rings. Not getting it yet, won’t give up.

10 leg lifts lying on the foam roller
15 KB swings overhead with 16 kg
5 full depth bar dips
6 rounds, 10:24

6:30 PM: “Hope” Rx. (Our Rx today per Kyle was 16″ box jumps for women; everything else the same as CrossFit main page had for the Hope event in June.) My score was 196. Each round was 63, 54, 79 if I recall correctly, and I wonder if I miscounted the middle round. Anyway this was better than my Hope score from June based on a note I had found.

Front squat and shoulder press again


front squat up to 2 x 8 at 152
shoulder press up to 2 x 8 at 75 (intended), actual broken sets were 75 x 7, 75 x 3; 75 x 7, 75 x 5.
Then: EMOTM 15 minutes of 5 reps 65 lb hang power clean and push-press

Yesterday: Swimming at Colman Pool with Tom. Fun! We swam lengths rather than laps, at least that’s what I did–I can definitely swim 50 meters without stopping without fins, but only if I breathe every two strokes instead of every 3 strokes. I can do this on either side but left is best. After I got done steeling my nerve for each attempt at a length, I saw that a lot of people had left and so I put on flippers and kicked along on my back feeling like a motorboat.