Kettlebell workout

Yesterday: 5 KB snatch per side, 5 push-ups, AMRAP 10 minutes.

I started with a 12 kg kettlebell to try to make sure snatches didn’t make my injured hamstring feel worse. They didn’t, so I switched to a 16 kg. I did my push-ups on dumbbells to get down lower than normal. I did 11 rounds and something like five extra reps. I rested a bit between rounds to check in with the hamstring, so I know if I pushed I could get 12 rounds. Hopefully next time.

The hamstring doesn’t hurt a lot, but it aches a little when I rest and over all it feels compromised. When I do leg swings it feels very tight in that spot so I can’t move it through the same range as the other leg.

I’m supposed to do three benchmark workouts for the paleo challenge that started yesterday. It’s hard for me to wait on them, but I will do them at the last minute.