Bike ride, rolls, back squats

Today: back squats up to 3 sets of 5 at 175. I had not back squatted for at least a month with the hamstring problem. The problem seems to be gone as long as I do some lacrosse ball on the piriformis every day to keep it loose.

Yesterday: bike ride through south Seattle, from our house via Beacon Hill to Columbian Way and southeastward. I think the farthest south I got was about Rainier and S. Kenyon St. We’ve had such good weather for such a long time, I wish I could go for a long bike ride every day!

I stopped and practiced two types of parkour rolls from two videos I watched–the thread-the-needle roll where you reach under the body and roll onto the shoulder, and the diamond hands one where you put the hands on the ground in a diamond shape and brace against the ground as the shoulder rolls onto the ground. The diamond one works way better for me and I can now do it on both sides.

Prior to that my last workout was last Monday night, jerks from the rack, up to 105 lbs. Later that week I had a cold for a few days.