LuRong Living Paleo Challenge

Benchmark workouts that will be re-done at the end:

“Christine.” I scaled it because of a hamstring problem that was almost healed. That means I have to scale all benchmarks at the start and at the end of the challenge. Christine was row 500, 65 lb deadlift, 12″ box jump, and my time IIRC was 11:47.

“LuRong original.” 20 burpees, 20 KB swings (12 kg scaled), 10 rounds. 14:04.

“Randy.” 75 barbell snatches for time (30# scaled), 5:51

Performance workouts that allow you to win a prize, 1 person per division and region:

Max doubleunders in 5 minutes. Can switch to singles, but if you break you have to do 3 burpees before restarting. I did 303 doubles and won a prize. Rx.

Max pull-ups in 6 attempts limited to 8 minutes total. I did 86 pull-ups and I think I’ve won a prize. Rx.

Max ladder of deadlifts and hand-release push-ups in 7 minutes, 105# scaled, doing that this week.

The nutrition aspect of the challenge is going great. I’ve eliminated nut butter, eliminated all types of fries (ie regular and sweet potato, my vice at Bing’s), and am limiting alcohol to one glass of wine a night, always at 9:30 because then there’s no being tempted later on as there would be if I had it with dinner.  I have no cheats and we’re in week 5. I’ve lost three pounds.