Finally I got my muscle-up! I did two of them on Sunday, 10/28. Tom got the second one on video. We were in the gym taking pics and having fun with some of our paleo challenge participants, and one of them, Tom H, did his first muscle-up. I somehow got my mini-kip just right and popped up as if I’d been doing it all my life. I screamed so loud and made such a fuss that Stephanie said she’d never seen me so excited about anything. Now of course since that day I haven’t been able to do another! But when I was working with Cody today I got pretty close. I need to nail that kip so that I can get high enough every time. When I did it, and my second one a few minutes later, it was just unbelievable how easy it was.

Cody’s assignment for me: PK roll, jump up to rings, muscle-up, come down, run to safety vault, roll, and I’d add a hip-over on the bar. Cody wants me to work on transitions between movements. I need to work on my skin the cat too, so that I can rotate the hands the right way (external/backwards), get low, and still come all the way back. That and being able to do a muscle-up on demand are two good goals that I’ll try to get in the next two months. And my lifting goal is a 260 deadlift; resurrecting that one. I need to design a program for myself and stick for the most part to targeted workouts until I get these.

Barbara got a picture of me right after I did my first muscle-up–I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so excited: