Lurong performance WOD 5 and deadlift, etc

Lurong Paleo Challenge Performance WOD 5 of 5:

Women’s Rx- 25 Calorie Row, 100 Double Unders, 80 Kettle Bell Swings at 35 lbs, 100 Air Squats, 60 Push Ups, 100 Double Unders, 40 AbMat Situps, 100 Walking Lunges, 20 Burpees. AMRAP 25 minutes.

I got part way through the walking lunges for total reps of 561. I got a really slow start and was slow and winded on the first three things. I’d had a migraine for two days and was banged up from two days earlier’s MovNat workout. I did pick up speed by the time I got to the second round of jumprope. My score overall right now based on all three benchmark WODs plus all 5 performance WODs is 2nd in my region and division; 15th in my division overall out of more than 500 women.

Today I deadlifted up to 10 reps at 204 for a calculated 1 rep max of 274. I’m proud of this, it was hard and made me lightheaded between some of the lifts. I did 1 and stopped; 1 and stopped; 1 and stopped; 2 and stopped; 2 and stopped; 3 and was done. When I stopped it was only to get down and wait for the lightheadedness to go away. I’ve got to make a plan for when to try the 260 that I want to lift for one time as an all time PR. That will be double my usual body weight.

I also did a bunch of MovNat related stuff today including a “transitions” routine I’m trying to figure out and smooth out. I have a video I should put here.

I couldn’t do a muscle-up today  but I made a bunch of tries. I also worked on skin the cats and lots of rolls and run-and-roll.