Rings workouts, Lurong workouts

I repeated the scaled “Randy” and the scaled “Lurong Original” (burpees and kettlebell swings) this week. Today’s Lurong Original burpeefest: 12:23. Last time: 14:04.

Thursday’s “Randy”: 4:02. Last time: 5:51.

Also in the past week — not having been able to do any more muscle-ups after two on Oct. 28 — I’ve started working my way through the Rings 1 program from Gold Medal Bodies. I’ve done three workouts 48 hours apart. The format for each workout so far is either above the rings or below the rings, or what I’d call pushing or pulling. Doing 3 x 8 or 3 x 10 reps of each of several fundamental or assisted exercises is surprisingly hard. I think this will improve strength in end-ranges of motion and strength-endurance in my shoulders and torso in general. My goal is to be able to do (at least) a single muscle-up on demand. The less kip I need, the better, because that’s the part I haven’t normally been able to get right.

This coming week I’ll be doing the repeat of “Christine,” the same scaled version as in September, and I’ll be doing another heavy deadlift workout as I try to zero in on my goal of lifting 260. I’m confident I can do that by the end of the year if I stay focused on it and don’t drift off like I so often do.