Deadlifts and rings workout

Yesterday I deadlifted up to 6 reps at 230 lbs. I feel good about making my goal of 260 this year. I had planned to do four reps at 230 because that’s what is indicated for 88 percent of the 1 rep max (ie, 260). Like last time, when I lifted 204 x 10 instead of 8, lifting two extra reps yesterday helps me feel confident about the next workout that will be heavier.

On heavy deadlifts, before I start the lift, I mentally cue myself to push the floor away with my feet. Thinking this explicitly, as if saying it aloud, really helps me start the bar off the floor. Yesterday I found myself continuing the “silent but verbal” self-talk, and it sounded like this: “Push the floor away AND KEEP PUSHING. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. You can do it!” The length of time it took to “say” all this in my head was how long it took to finish the lift and lock it out. On the way down I was thinking, “You’re not hurting yourself. You did it.”

My set of six was a broken set. I reset normally for rep 2 and 3 and missed rep 3 on its first try. I then took a few more seconds between reps (breaking the set a bit) to relieve any lightheadedness or chalk my hands. Next workout I may lift the same 230 for just the four intended reps, and try to do it without breaking the set.

I’m happy, though, with the determination I summoned to finish each of these lifts. I would feel my legs shaking and had to override the temptation to drop the bar. I had told myself before starting the workout: you have to make all these lifts. If you don’t, you won’t reach your goal. Do it. Then when I missed my first attempt at rep 3, I cursed a little bit, because it’s very rare I’ve ever missed a deadlift and then succeeded with the same weight on the next try. I just really had internalized that I had to do it, and I did.

Last night and today I’ve felt pleasantly spent and relaxed. A few heavy lifts don’t make you nearly as sore as a whole conditioning workout.

Afterward I did two sets of all the rings drills on my GMB list for that day. It was my fourth one of their rings workouts. These are challenging and feel really great.