CrossFit Total today

Squat 230 (new PR)
Press 90
Deadlift 240
Total 560 (Past CrossFit Total results)
I didn’t sleep well last night and had had a stomach bug about a day to a day and a half earlier. But my squats went well despite feeling somehow strange, as if I were in danger of forgetting what I was doing in the middle of doing it. When I do heavy squats, I seem to be able to tell whether or not I’ll be able to lift it by how the trip down goes. If I get to the bottom and feel tight and controlled, then I find myself thinking, “Oh good, now all I have to do is stand it back up.” As if that’s the easy part, which it isn’t.

I feel good about pressing 90 today. It is only five pounds off from my PR of 95 years ago and I haven’t been pressing lately except in my rings workouts.

After my 260 deadlift recently, I took for granted that I’d be able to do 260 again and it was going to be my first attempt. I hoped to end on about 265. But warming up, when I hit 235, I failed and thought I’m in trouble! So my first attempt was 240. I hoped to get 250 then 262. The 240 was really hard. When it was time to lift 250, I knew it was going to be extremely hard. I think it was the hardest deadlift, for effort and focus, that I’ve ever done. It came halfway up my shins and I felt, this is not optional, you HAVE to finish this lift, there is no other choice. I ground it out. I heard myself growl and scream and finished the lift — then I forgot myself and I dropped it! So I can feel good about having finished that lift, but I didn’t get credit for it as part of the total. I then tried 262 and could not lift it more than half an inch. I was using my belt the whole time since my final warm-up.

This deadlift was a good experience! It was the first time I made such a hard effort that I forgot the next thing I needed to focus on — lowering the weight. Today was my second-heaviest total (May 2008 was heavier) by 6 lbs. If I had not dropped that 250, today instead would have been heavier by 4 lbs. Curses!

230 pounds


250 pounds

Thursday night I did some long crazy WOD of 25 kettlebell swings (16 kg), 20 box jumps (20″, first round I did 3 too many), 15 pull-ups, 10 toes to bar, 4 rounds. My time was 18:27. So slow because I can’t string together the toes to bar.

Kettlebells and front squats

Today: front squats up to 3 x 175 lbs. (Calc. 1-rep max: 192. Hmmm.)
with a 16 kg kettlebell for time
10 snatch right, 10 left
8 right, 8 left
6 right, 6 left
4 right, 4 left
2 right, 2 left
10 cleans right, 10 left
8 right, 8 left
6 right, 6 left
4 right, 4 left
2 right, 2 left
10 swings right, 10 left
8 right, 8 left
6 right, 6 left
4 right, 4 left
2 right, 2 left
My time was 7:43. Fun workout. Kettlebells are still one of my favorite workout tools.

I did the 12 Days (our version) on Wednesday and was very slow! 34:57 I think. There was a lot of stopping due to the crowded room and wanting to help other people. It’s a fun workout. My left palm had barely healed from a week earlier when it tore during an AMRAP WOD that had many sets of 5 pull-ups. I feel like a fool when my hands tear. The least I could do is remember to file them to try to prevent it. Some people wear gloves for pull-ups, and in my opinion that’s a silly combination of fussy and wimpy, but since I occasionally tear my palm I can’t rationally argue against it. For sure we could all use a stronger grip.

Deadlift PR, double body weight

After lifting 240 on Friday and failing at 245, I ordered a cheap velcro 4″ lifting belt. Yesterday (Wednesday) I tried rack pulls for the first time. I set the barbell two inches below my kneecaps. I started warming up with 115 as I usually do. My final warm-up lift was a single at 220# for which I put on the belt. I lifted one each at 235, 245, 250, and then two from the rack at 260, all with the belt on of course. On my second pull of 260, I stepped back from the rack and dropped the bar on the floor. I knew I was going to be able to lift it, so I indulged myself and set up my camera.

I’ve been wanting to lift 260 (twice my normal bodyweight) since early 2008. I should have tried the belt a long time ago. Also I should have worn a cuter outfit. Vanity compels me to add that I had shorts on under these baggy pants, and this is probably the least flattering T-shirt I own. Here’s my lift.

Two days

Yesterday: Tabata KB swings (16 kg), evil wheel, and 25-lb DB pushpress. Low scores: 13, 9, 6. The only one where my score changed downwards was the push-press, in which I felt like my arms were going to break off.

Today: AMRAP 15 minutes: 5 pull-ups, 10 slam ball 30 lbs, 15 KB cleans 16 kg. I got 8 rounds + 20 reps.

Max lifts today

I wanted to test my max deadlift to see how close I am to my goal of a 260 1 rep max. I deadlifted 240 today and failed at 245. Then I did a sort of cursory press and squat test. I wasn’t very well focused on these, today nor in recent months, so I had no expectations. I could have pushed harder today. I pressed 85 and quit because it seemed we’d spent enough time on that. I squatted 205 and quit because it was almost class time and I wanted to get a coffee. (I coulda squatted 215! Honest!) Unofficial total: 530

December 2011 CrossFit Total results: Squat 210, press 95, DL 235. Total: 540
May 2008 CrossFit Total results: Squat 222, press 89, DL 255. Total: 566.
March 2008 CrossFit Total results: Squat 192, press 89, DL 242. Total: 523
August 2007 CrossFit Total results: Squat 187, press 66, DL 242.5. Total: 495.5

Catching up: deadlifts, team workout

Last week sometime I wanted to deadlift 245 x 4. I was conservative on the warm-ups but could not lift it more than a half inch off the ground. Damn! It was too big a leap from the two weeks’ previous deadlift workout when I lifted 230 x 6. I did a few WODs and GMB rings workouts since then and waited until today to deadlift heavy again. Today I lifted 235 x 2, 1, 1, then after 45 minutes, another two singles. I need to accept that I’m not ready for 260 yet! Who cares! It’s 25 pounds away, not 100. Keep working it up slowly and it should get there, even if it’s not by the end of 2012.

Now that I can do a muscle-up usually on demand–well, maybe that’s a stretch, I’ve done 10 in my life but usually more than one in a day–if I get my conditioning and my overhead lifts back up, I’ll be ready to do decently in the Open.

On Thanksgiving I got to participate in a heavy team “Cindy,” in which Teresa and I team deadlifted 225 x 5, took turns doing 5 pull-ups and 5 push-ups, and did 15 squats at the same time holding kettlebells, AMRAP 20 minutes, I’ve forgotten how many rounds we got. That deadlift was HEAVY. It’s always so fun to work out with the group.