Catching up: deadlifts, team workout

Last week sometime I wanted to deadlift 245 x 4. I was conservative on the warm-ups but could not lift it more than a half inch off the ground. Damn! It was too big a leap from the two weeks’ previous deadlift workout when I lifted 230 x 6. I did a few WODs and GMB rings workouts since then and waited until today to deadlift heavy again. Today I lifted 235 x 2, 1, 1, then after 45 minutes, another two singles. I need to accept that I’m not ready for 260 yet! Who cares! It’s 25 pounds away, not 100. Keep working it up slowly and it should get there, even if it’s not by the end of 2012.

Now that I can do a muscle-up usually on demand–well, maybe that’s a stretch, I’ve done 10 in my life but usually more than one in a day–if I get my conditioning and my overhead lifts back up, I’ll be ready to do decently in the Open.

On Thanksgiving I got to participate in a heavy team “Cindy,” in which Teresa and I team deadlifted 225 x 5, took turns doing 5 pull-ups and 5 push-ups, and did 15 squats at the same time holding kettlebells, AMRAP 20 minutes, I’ve forgotten how many rounds we got. That deadlift was HEAVY. It’s always so fun to work out with the group.