Max lifts today

I wanted to test my max deadlift to see how close I am to my goal of a 260 1 rep max. I deadlifted 240 today and failed at 245. Then I did a sort of cursory press and squat test. I wasn’t very well focused on these, today nor in recent months, so I had no expectations. I could have pushed harder today. I pressed 85 and quit because it seemed we’d spent enough time on that. I squatted 205 and quit because it was almost class time and I wanted to get a coffee. (I coulda squatted 215! Honest!) Unofficial total: 530

December 2011 CrossFit Total results: Squat 210, press 95, DL 235. Total: 540
May 2008 CrossFit Total results: Squat 222, press 89, DL 255. Total: 566.
March 2008 CrossFit Total results: Squat 192, press 89, DL 242. Total: 523
August 2007 CrossFit Total results: Squat 187, press 66, DL 242.5. Total: 495.5