CrossFit Total today

Squat 230 (new PR)
Press 90
Deadlift 240
Total 560 (Past CrossFit Total results)
I didn’t sleep well last night and had had a stomach bug about a day to a day and a half earlier. But my squats went well despite feeling somehow strange, as if I were in danger of forgetting what I was doing in the middle of doing it. When I do heavy squats, I seem to be able to tell whether or not I’ll be able to lift it by how the trip down goes. If I get to the bottom and feel tight and controlled, then I find myself thinking, “Oh good, now all I have to do is stand it back up.” As if that’s the easy part, which it isn’t.

I feel good about pressing 90 today. It is only five pounds off from my PR of 95 years ago and I haven’t been pressing lately except in my rings workouts.

After my 260 deadlift recently, I took for granted that I’d be able to do 260 again and it was going to be my first attempt. I hoped to end on about 265. But warming up, when I hit 235, I failed and thought I’m in trouble! So my first attempt was 240. I hoped to get 250 then 262. The 240 was really hard. When it was time to lift 250, I knew it was going to be extremely hard. I think it was the hardest deadlift, for effort and focus, that I’ve ever done. It came halfway up my shins and I felt, this is not optional, you HAVE to finish this lift, there is no other choice. I ground it out. I heard myself growl and scream and finished the lift — then I forgot myself and I dropped it! So I can feel good about having finished that lift, but I didn’t get credit for it as part of the total. I then tried 262 and could not lift it more than half an inch. I was using my belt the whole time since my final warm-up.

This deadlift was a good experience! It was the first time I made such a hard effort that I forgot the next thing I needed to focus on — lowering the weight. Today was my second-heaviest total (May 2008 was heavier) by 6 lbs. If I had not dropped that 250, today instead would have been heavier by 4 lbs. Curses!

230 pounds


250 pounds

Thursday night I did some long crazy WOD of 25 kettlebell swings (16 kg), 20 box jumps (20″, first round I did 3 too many), 15 pull-ups, 10 toes to bar, 4 rounds. My time was 18:27. So slow because I can’t string together the toes to bar.