I’ve done so little running lately! Ever since I had that hamstring-attachment pain last summer and fall, I have discounted running as something that aggravates it, “and besides, I’m not interested in running and don’t care.” What a terrible attitude! The fact is, I’ve learned that if I stretch my hams in certain ways before running, I can do it without pain during or afterward. So there goes that excuse. And granted CrossFit has a huge menu; I don’t expect to be good at everything at the same time. But come on — running is so basic. And I used to like sprinting. Have I completely lost it? Running in a WOD now makes me feel like puking! Now I’m not resolving to change anything at this moment. I’m just “observing my thoughts as they appear and pass away,” as the meditators say. But maybe next “Helen,” I will run faster. On Thursday I did this WOD rx’d in 10:33. Not that that’s particularly fast, but the only reason I was that fast was because of the butterfly pull-ups. On my final run, all I was requiring of myself was not to walk. Terrible low expectations!

Later I front squatted according to the 5-3-1 for that week, which was up to 85% for five plus, which was 160 x 6 reps. Difficult with relatively tired legs. Of course, everyone else in my group did the FS before the “Helen,” so their speed in the WOD was more impressive.

This was at least my tenth “Helen.” During the others, going back to 2005, I also complained about being bad at running. One thing that’s changed about that is that I no longer ever get any kind of cramps when running. (Paleo diet?) I used to get either the calf cramps or more often the side/breathing cramp.

I distinctly remember doing one other Helen that apparently I never blogged. It was around the same time that I set my 255 deadlift PR at CrossFit Seattle. We did Helen around that time and I used the 24 kg kettlebell (heavier than prescribed) and finished in 10:13, and was pretty proud of that.