Yesterday, today


Overhead squats up to 92 x 3. Should have done more sets! I was running out of time. I wanted also to do my rings workout before the noon class. So I did that. It was my first day on phase 2 “above the rings” which consisted of jump to dips (rings at shoulder height) with negative dip; attempts at the difficult assisted-tuck-shoulder-stand; and tuck sits.

Later I did the workout of the day with the 6:30 class: Every 30 seconds, 1 power clean, 1 hang power clean, 1 push-jerk, 85 lbs, 20 rounds (took 10 minutes). I could have gone slightly heavier. Super bummed because the restaurant manager, Bart, came down to say we were shaking the dining room; so I had to have the big guys refrain from dropping their weights.

Today, Fight Gone Bad-format: rowing, ab wheel, box jumps, wallball, doubleunders. Score 366. I increased my reps each of the three rounds by speeding up on the ab wheel and doubleunders, while keeping the same numbers on the other things.