What’s happening to my deadlift!

At the last CrossFit Total I lifted 250 x 1 and could not reproduce my 260 from December 12. Last Friday I was all set to lift up to 3+ reps at 90% of 1RM, or 234 pounds. I could only lift it once. I think it was because I made the mistake of doing my rings workout first, which is a core killer.

Today I was going to try 3+ at 90% again, but backed off the 1RM to 250, so I was going to finish today with 3+ at 225. I could not lift 225 at all! Jeez… now I suppose it’s from the squats on Sunday. I went to check out CrossFit Loft and I back squatted 190 x 5, then did a similar rings workout. I’m in a more challenging phase with the rings as of last week.

If I’m really going to make progress on my deadlift, I need a finer-tuned program and/or a coach.