Partners “Murph,” etc.

Last Saturday I shared the Murph workout with Erin. We ran the mile together at each end, and took turns getting through all the squats, push-ups, and pull-ups in order. I’d forgotten that we could partition them if we wanted! It took us 41:47. That’s a fun workout to do with a partner(s). I remember last year splitting it with Sue and Bethany and that was great too.

Tuesday (two days ago), I did the combo that I like, of squats and handstands. 10 back squats at 135, 35-second handstand hold, five rounds, not timed. I just caught my breath between each thing and then did the next one.

This week


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power cleans (from the floor) and push-ups. Rx weight was 3/4 bodyweight, which is 101 pounds for me, but I used 95 lbs. My time was 10:49. I’d like to do it with 101 lbs soon.

Today (Wednesday):

:30 on, :30 off, 4 rounds through for reps: dumbbell snatch right, dumbbell snatch left, ring-rows, dumbbell thrusters. ¬†CrossFit Football, where this originated, prescribed 100 lb db’s for men and 50 lbs for women! Jeez. We just put on our board, “heavy.” I wanted to go heavy, so I used a 35-lb kettlebell for snatching because KBs don’t wrench my wrists and elbows like dumbbells do at that size. For the ring rows I kept my toes against the wall. These are so hard! And for the thrusters I used two 35-lb kettlebells.

My score was about 180. Hopefully I’ll see my score later when the whiteboard photo is put onto Facebook. I felt great about getting through this WOD with those weights, and by myself, AND getting vertigo when I got horizontal for the ring rows! The thrusters were the hardest thing. I typically got 13 snatches on each side, about 10 ring rows, and 8 thrusters.

Prior to the WOD I deadlifted up to a set of five at 205. It felt very difficult but safe, and no doubt during the set as to whether I’d finish.

Catching up

Sunday I was really sick and kept throwing up, and had vertigo in several positions. Monday, by the evening, I felt better and decided to work out. It was the NorCal On-Ramp Benchmark workout — or our version of it, anyway:

Run 250m then
21-15-9 each of
Run 250m again. My time was 7:58 with no mods.

Today I worked out with Kyle’s noon class.
Back squat up to 2 x 6 at 155
EMOTM ascending ladder of push-press at 65 lbs. Minute 1, do 1. Minute 2, do 2. Etc. See how high you can get. I completed round 15 and then did 14 out of 16 in the next round. Starting at 14 I had to rest during the minute. I felt good about my result. Later, George told me the formula (again) for calculating how many reps you did: (N x (N+1))/2 and N=number of rounds. So I did 134 reps in just under 16 minutes.

“Like” Fight Gone Bad but “not”

1 minute each x 3 rounds for reps:

Knees to elbows
Kettlebell snatch 16 kg
Pushpress 55 lbs
KB deadlift 32 kg
My score was 405. I worked out with Kyle. I went into it thinking I’m not going to count reps, I haven’t eaten breakfast (well, I’d had an apple and some nuts three hours earlier) and so I’m just going to go through the motions. Of course I was inspired by Kyle and worked hard. So I’m happy with my 405! I wasn’t sure going into it that I’d get over 300. Kyle got 485. I think he got most of the extras in the knees to elbows (I know he did tons more than I did there) and sit-ups. It was “fun.” Beforehand I did two sets of shoulder press at 75 lbs. Far off from anything that used to be heavy, but felt heavy today.


Yesterday. Back squats up to 1 x 5 at 165 lbs. then 3 x 5 at 175. Then loads of handstand kick-up/balance practice with three consecutive CrossFit classes. Fun and super tiring. I didn’t do “Nancy” with them because I was already beat.

Saturday WOD on Sunday

I felt guilty on Saturday for rushing out of the gym instead of working out, but we had plans to go watch the Boating Season Opening Day crew races and yacht parade — in sunny weather for a change. It was awesome but I got a sunburn. I did Saturday’s workout on Sunday: Clean, 2x front squat, jerk, 105 lbs (Rx’d), AMRAP 20 minutes. I got 30 rounds. I loved this workout. Anything that involves only a few reps at a time is great because you can focus on technique and position more easily.

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