Catching up

Sunday I was really sick and kept throwing up, and had vertigo in several positions. Monday, by the evening, I felt better and decided to work out. It was the NorCal On-Ramp Benchmark workout — or our version of it, anyway:

Run 250m then
21-15-9 each of
Run 250m again. My time was 7:58 with no mods.

Today I worked out with Kyle’s noon class.
Back squat up to 2 x 6 at 155
EMOTM ascending ladder of push-press at 65 lbs. Minute 1, do 1. Minute 2, do 2. Etc. See how high you can get. I completed round 15 and then did 14 out of 16 in the next round. Starting at 14 I had to rest during the minute. I felt good about my result. Later, George told me the formula (again) for calculating how many reps you did: (N x (N+1))/2 and N=number of rounds. So I did 134 reps in just under 16 minutes.