This week


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power cleans (from the floor) and push-ups. Rx weight was 3/4 bodyweight, which is 101 pounds for me, but I used 95 lbs. My time was 10:49. I’d like to do it with 101 lbs soon.

Today (Wednesday):

:30 on, :30 off, 4 rounds through for reps: dumbbell snatch right, dumbbell snatch left, ring-rows, dumbbell thrusters.  CrossFit Football, where this originated, prescribed 100 lb db’s for men and 50 lbs for women! Jeez. We just put on our board, “heavy.” I wanted to go heavy, so I used a 35-lb kettlebell for snatching because KBs don’t wrench my wrists and elbows like dumbbells do at that size. For the ring rows I kept my toes against the wall. These are so hard! And for the thrusters I used two 35-lb kettlebells.

My score was about 180. Hopefully I’ll see my score later when the whiteboard photo is put onto Facebook. I felt great about getting through this WOD with those weights, and by myself, AND getting vertigo when I got horizontal for the ring rows! The thrusters were the hardest thing. I typically got 13 snatches on each side, about 10 ring rows, and 8 thrusters.

Prior to the WOD I deadlifted up to a set of five at 205. It felt very difficult but safe, and no doubt during the set as to whether I’d finish.