team workout

Today I was on a team at 7:30 AM with Lance and Tricia. (There weren’t an even twelve, so I was drafted to make a team of 3.)

Person 1 run 100m
Person 2 kettlebell swings
Person 3 slamball
AMRAP 15 minutes
Score = total KB swings and slamball

Our team was, I think, second out of four, but I had the fewest reps of our team! I took it slow on the slamball because 30# was heavy combined with running. I don’t push hard enough with running. This workout was hard with no built-in rest and it was sunny out, so lots of sweat was sweated.

Deadlift, hand walk, box jump

Today: deadlift up to 5 at 205, with Dana. WOD: AMRAP 10 minutes, 3 wall walks and 10 box jumps. Wall walks are belly to the wall, walk the hands toward the wall and the feet up the wall, get as close as you can stand to! I can only do two before taking a break. I used a 24-inch box for the box jumps. Six rounds 1 rep. Super sweaty. Had to go home and take a shower!

Tom got this workout from Doug Chapman’s book.

This weekend

Friday night: covered for Kyle. Yesterday: taught the 7:30 class, the 8:30 intro class, then with Tom ran a CrossFit total that took two hours. It was really great, with 14 people lifting and some spectators, including two new women clients. Jules helped us judge, along with Marcus, and Ernie took pictures. We’re so grateful that people help us run a good gym! Jules said our people had particularly good squat technique, and she’s seen a lot of people squat in different gyms. That was nice to hear. We do get a chance to pay close attention to people because of our small space and classes. This all feels like a successful business and I’m very proud of it.

I went home and had steak and kale for lunch, then pretty soon after that we went to Brendan’s graduation party up the street, which was very nice.

After that we went to see a movie, Twenty Feet from Stardom, a documentary about background singers, then had dinner at a Thai restaurant where we were rushed through an appetizer and dinner in about 30-40 minutes even though the place wasn’t full. It was OK because by that time we were really ready to be home.

Today we had the women’s self-defense course, then I had a couple of errands, on my bike and then with the car.

It was a good weekend but I have had very little quiet time. Focusing on the positive, I feel like there was really a ton of success in this weekend. And I’m interested in possibly starting to learn karate from Joanne, the teacher of the self-defense class today. That could be a cool new interesting set of skills to start learning. I think a martial art would be really great for agility.

Catching up again

Some of the workouts in the past 10 days:

Today: back squats up to 5 x 5 at 175 pounds. Several sets of 3 rings pull-ups with a hold at the top. Practiced the beginning stage of a back roll, trying to learn to possibly do a back roll someday without hurting my neck. Not sure I’m getting anywhere. I also did a few handstands and handstand push-ups off of one abmat. And prior to that we’d had a women’s self-defense class in the gym for three hours. (It was fascinating.) Then I rode my bike home via southbound to McClellan and up 31st Ave. S.

Two days ago: some pistols and single leg deadlifts and then “Helen.” 10:16 Rx

Monday, June 10, Tabata knees to elbows, kettlebell swing (16 kg), box jump, push-press, goblet squat 12 kg, total 303 reps.

Thursday, June 8: 30 seconds each for 10 rounds (took 15 minutes), 2 dumbbell push-press, 2 dumbbell cleans, rest. I used 25 lb dumbbells and got 164 reps. This was really hard for me. I did it with a few other women in Kyle’s noon class.

TGU, stiff-leg deadlift

Yesterday: 5 x 5 pushjerks at 85, not much of a workout.

Stiff leg DL, 115# x 5 then 3 Turkish get-up per side, 12 kg, 2 sets.
Stiff leg DL, 125# x 5 then 3 TGU per side at 12 kg, 1 set.
Stiff leg DL, 125# x 5 then 3 TGU per side at 16 kg, 2 sets.
1 more set of stiff leg DL at 125.
Ran out of time. The 16 kg get-ups felt great. Do I have the nerve to try it with 20 kg?

Snatch today plus a workout

After getting inspired at Regionals over the weekend, I want to set some slightly more ambitious baselines, reach them, and then maintain them.  I’m working on planning workouts that will help me. So far my goals are:
225 deadlift (1.6*bodyweight)
190 squat (1.4*bodyweight)
105 push jerk x 5
135 clean (bodyweight)
75 snatch should be easy (what should I be able to snatch that’s hard?)
Consecutive toes to bar – 10?
Muscle-up on demand when warmed up
Run faster

These are all things I think are in pretty close reach. I want to meet them and then maintain them. It seems like good fitness. I picked them not based on their percentages of my weight but based on thinking I can reach them within three months IF I practice.

I didn’t know what snatch weight would be just out of reach, so I decided to see what I could do, thinking I’d probably fail at 90. But it turned out 85 was easy, 95 was not very hard, and I felt great, so I did 97, 98, 100 for singles. I failed on 101. So I guess my goal for snatch is 105 for now; and that means my push-jerk should be a lot closer to body weight…

Then I did three rounds of: 15 toes to bar, run 250m, 12 chest to bar pull-ups. This took me almost 19 minutes. I learned something at Regionals about how they string together the toes to bar, and I feel like I understand what they’re doing but am not strong enough to do it. I can do about five at a time, slowly. I’ll keep trying to master the thing I’m missing — it has something to do with keeping the chest or grip engaged on the down swing.

Last week

After “Murph,” maybe it was on Tuesday. Back squat 10 reps at 135 (bodyweight); 35-second handstand hold. Five sets, no timer. I had done this before with front squats at 125.  Fifty squats at bodyweight really adds up and the handstands feel great. The first handstand hold was more like a minute and a half, because I’d accidentally set the timer for 35 minutes instead of seconds.