Snatch today plus a workout

After getting inspired at Regionals over the weekend, I want to set some slightly more ambitious baselines, reach them, and then maintain them.  I’m working on planning workouts that will help me. So far my goals are:
225 deadlift (1.6*bodyweight)
190 squat (1.4*bodyweight)
105 push jerk x 5
135 clean (bodyweight)
75 snatch should be easy (what should I be able to snatch that’s hard?)
Consecutive toes to bar – 10?
Muscle-up on demand when warmed up
Run faster

These are all things I think are in pretty close reach. I want to meet them and then maintain them. It seems like good fitness. I picked them not based on their percentages of my weight but based on thinking I can reach them within three months IF I practice.

I didn’t know what snatch weight would be just out of reach, so I decided to see what I could do, thinking I’d probably fail at 90. But it turned out 85 was easy, 95 was not very hard, and I felt great, so I did 97, 98, 100 for singles. I failed on 101. So I guess my goal for snatch is 105 for now; and that means my push-jerk should be a lot closer to body weight…

Then I did three rounds of: 15 toes to bar, run 250m, 12 chest to bar pull-ups. This took me almost 19 minutes. I learned something at Regionals about how they string together the toes to bar, and I feel like I understand what they’re doing but am not strong enough to do it. I can do about five at a time, slowly. I’ll keep trying to master the thing I’m missing — it has something to do with keeping the chest or grip engaged on the down swing.