Catching up again

Some of the workouts in the past 10 days:

Today: back squats up to 5 x 5 at 175 pounds. Several sets of 3 rings pull-ups with a hold at the top. Practiced the beginning stage of a back roll, trying to learn to possibly do a back roll someday without hurting my neck. Not sure I’m getting anywhere. I also did a few handstands and handstand push-ups off of one abmat. And prior to that we’d had a women’s self-defense class in the gym for three hours. (It was fascinating.) Then I rode my bike home via southbound to McClellan and up 31st Ave. S.

Two days ago: some pistols and single leg deadlifts and then “Helen.” 10:16 Rx

Monday, June 10, Tabata knees to elbows, kettlebell swing (16 kg), box jump, push-press, goblet squat 12 kg, total 303 reps.

Thursday, June 8: 30 seconds each for 10 rounds (took 15 minutes), 2 dumbbell push-press, 2 dumbbell cleans, rest. I used 25 lb dumbbells and got 164 reps. This was really hard for me. I did it with a few other women in Kyle’s noon class.