Kettlebell snatch PR!

After almost nine years of CrossFit it is gratifying to get a new stunt or PR every once in a while. Today our skill was kettlebell snatches, and as soon as I saw that on the program I made up my mind to snatch 24 kg at noon.

I’ve used 20 kg for snatches in a WOD but only a few times and not recently; but I noticed, when I did, that it was only a little harder to manage than the 16 kg that I was accustomed to. And the main place I felt the difference was that the descent portion was harder on my grip and wore out my palm worse than the 16 kg. Today if I snatched 24 kg, it’s not like I would have to do tons of reps. So I worked on it along with the five people in class, working up in weight, and ended up doing about five snatches on each side with the 24. Later, I did it again to get a video! Couldn’t resist.

After the noon class I wanted to work out with front squats, handstand holds, and toes to bar at low reps so that I could string them together. I did five sets of 5 front squats at 120; handstand hold for a count of 30; 5 toes to bar FAST; and 3 muscle-up attempts. Never got close to a muscle-up. Did pretty well on the handstands in that I could press my feet together, tighten up my butt, and come off the wall in balance for several seconds. The toes to bar went well. Just in the past month I’ve been able to string them together in small sets because of a tip from Kyle: get as high as you can, and string those together, however high they are, even if the toes don’t touch the bar; then work on making them all higher and touching the bar.

These are hard on my right shoulder in some way, so that before the handstands I had to lacrosse-ball roll my shoulder blades in order for them to work right. So this five sets took me more than 20 minutes. It was a strength and skill work out and there wasn’t really much point in timing it. Honestly I just wanted to have something to put on the whiteboard as a justification for posting my kettlebell snatch PR!