High School Journal

These are a couple of entries from my handwritten journal from sophomore year of high school. I always referred to these, Harriet the Spy-style, as “notebooks.” Never as journals or diaries. These entries aren’t relevant to FitNotes, but I decided to share them here anyway.

handwritten journal entry 1979-1980 journal

August 1979
Just think, three years from now I may not even live here anymore. I’m going to describe my room. My walls are bright yellow. My green wooden desk has a bulletin board above it full of pictures, buttons, drawings, and a calendar. On my desk is a blotter with a cat poster in it, a jar of pencils, pens & markers, a lamp, and a lot of junk. My bed is covered with a quilt, mostly green and yellow. There is a little brown fan on the floor that looks more like a footstool. On top of it is a manila envelope containing a magazine for L___. Against the wall, next to the outlet, is a brown natural wood chest of five drawers. On the floor leaning against it is a clipboard, because I don’t know where else to put it. On the other side of the chest are two “Oklahoma” posters, a ukelele in a box, a plastic bag, and an accordian folder. All this is leaning against some metal shelves, four of them. On the top shelf is a globe, a fish bowl half full of pennies, and a beanbag frog. On the second shelf are a lot of stuffed animals, 17 to be exact. On the next shelf are a lot of nicknacks. On the bottom shelf are a lot of box games. Then the wall turns the corner and there is the radiator. On that is a box of stationery, a cigar box full of letters, and a bunch of paperback books. Next to the radiator is a white dresser with 9 drawers, that reaches exactly up to the windowsill. On top of it are some nicknacks. Then there is a tall, skinny, white bookcase with seven shelves. It contains books, a jewelry box, and junk. And a straw hat. Then the wall turns the corner again, and there is the closet door with a full-length mirror, with a blue frame. The closet is a mess. Then there is the bed, which is white. Next to it is the night table with one drawer. On top is the clock radio, set on WFYR, 103.5 FM. Then there is a little short wooden keg, with a tupperware box on top of it holding a lot of old notebooks. Then the wall turns, and we’re back to the desk. Now, the walls: There is a chalkboard, 18” x 24”. On that same wall is a little wood fold-up thingy with ten pegs, to hang things on. Above that is a Sgt. Pepper poster. Next to that, above the blackboard, is a Muppets poster, then there is a magazine-page picture of the Bee Gees, then a picture of a guinea pig. Above that is a car cartoon by Kliban. Next to it is a Bee Gees poster, then on the next wall, another Bee Gees poster. Then another Kliban cat, a picture of Peter Frampton, another Kliban cat then a picture of the Bee Gees and a picture of the Beatles. Then, way down past the window, is a Seattle poster, then a Kliban cat, then a Bengal tiger, then two Koala bears, and on the door is a “Beautiful Chicago” poster. TA-DUM!

March 16, 1980
I think about the most disgusting thing in the world is the way L____ revolves her life around clothes. I am not kidding. Today she said she doesn’t want it to get warm out for awhile because she has no warm weather clothes, and she doesn’t like the changing seasons because you “have” to buy new clothes. Also she very often says, in so many words, that it seems like a lot of her problems would be solved if only she had lots of nice clothes. Sickening! She also “feels so scummy” in things that practically everyone wears, like her spring windbreaker.