“Fran” and catch-up

Today: Back squats up to 3 x 5 at 175.

Monday, July 15:
“Fran” by myself, Rx, 5:24, not a PR. Later the same day I did our gym WOD: AMRAP 12 minutes, 3 wall walks, 30 walking lunge steps, 10 v-ups (“Booty Maker”). I got almost 6 rounds. That day and the next, I also played around a lot on our new climbing rope and practiced toes to bar on the pull-up bars. Today is Thursday and I did some heavy squats, but my back was still tired from Monday.

July 11:
7 rounds for time of 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, run 250m. I did this with Susan S at 6:30 PM. My time was 18:24.