Front squat, deadlift, box jump

Today: Front squat up to 5+ at 90% of 1 rep max. I believe my 1 rep max front squat is about 185 so I warmed up and did six reps at 165. It was really hard — I think my 1 rep max isn’t as strong as I thought it was!

WOD: 21-15-9 deadlift (155) and box jump (20″) for time. 10:44 Rx. A major struggle. My lower back was tightening up and almost feeling numb! Nothing hurt though so I kept going, but very slowly.

I hadn’t worked out in a week! I had karate twice since then and went camping. I did a lot of swimming in beautiful, isolated Blythe Lake. We swam mostly in our super fun inner tubes, with our fins, and kicked all over the lake. I also did some (for me) really good swimming in just my fins. I’m slowly starting to get better at relaxing in the water. It’s pretty satisfying, even though it is taking such a long time. I rarely get “quality practice” because for me, that means a nice peaceful lake where I can relax. Tomorrow I’m supposed to swim here in Seattle with Liz and hope I can swim well again.

Karate is awesome. Last Thursday night I had class for the first time with (sensei) Joanne, who had taught our self-defense class at the gym. She’s an excellent teacher. Also I’m gratified to see my balance improving a little on the kicks, and my memory a little bit on the blocks. Joanne said my left front kick looks like it will eventually have some good snap and power to it.