Two workouts today – must be a Monday

Lately it seems I work really hard early in the week and go easier at the end, and now I have karate on Thursdays and Saturdays so that will be a good pattern to keep. Today I did a strength workout of alternating sets of presses and pull-ups, with a goal of five per set even if I broke up the set. I was really happy with being able to do these heavy pull-ups; and 93# on the press is two pounds away from a PR.


Later in the day I worked out with my 6:30 PM class. Good mornings up to two sets of 8 at 80. These are really hard for me – better do more of them! Then the workout of the day was from Jeff Martone’s book Kettlebell Rx. Squat thrust, clean, 1-hand swing, clean, repeat with other hand, every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. I’d done this one before and felt that it wasn’t that hard, so when Mike said I should use the 24 kg, I was ready to try it. I had snatched 24 kg before (on one occasion only so far), and cleaning it is so much easier than snatching, so why not?

The hardest thing is setting down the cleans at that weight. You want to be rid of it so bad but you want to pay attention to your back position on the way down. I love it when after all this time I’m able to do something heavier in a WOD than I’ve ever done. Feels great! Then George and I both got in the lake for a minute to cool off. Had to ride the scooter home with wet shorts on and it felt good — it’s so warm out.