I think my upper body has gotten a bit skinny. I wonder if I can bulk up at my stage in life? If I have the self-discipline, and don’t flake out in favor of regular CrossFit which is so much fun, I’ll do sets of 10 in the barbell lifts for a while, say, through the end of November, and see if I can build muscle. I really don’t know anything about building hypertrophy except do more reps per set. There is dietary advice available, but it’s hard to know how much of it would be inapplicable to me as a 49-year-old woman. I definitely am not going to start drinking a bunch of milk, for example. And I believe I eat high in protein as it is. So I’ll just try to do more reps per set and skip the met-con. (Can I even get away with that?)

Today (so far) bench press up to three sets of five at a whopping 75 pounds (gotta start somewhere and I have not been benching); and deadlift up to 1 x 5 at 200. It wasn’t very hard. I felt great today. When I get back to the gym if I have time I’ll do some good mornings or bent rows.



Updated — later in the day I did 4 x 10 good mornings at 65 lbs. Throughout the day I did many sets of five push-ups and about five sets of five pull-ups.