Barbells, karate

Today I bench pressed up to 3 x 10 at 80 lbs, then back squatted up to 3 x 5 at 165.

Tonight at karate I practiced kihon kata ichi all the way through with no supervision for the first time. It’s fun to have it coming together! Next time I can start focusing on a few details like keeping my arm straight in certain places (prep for down block) and keeping in the same plane without bobbing up and down. I need to “glide.”

I learned today that this karate is the Kataka-ha school of shito-ryu style, one of four schools of Japanese karate.

I want to donate a barbell and a few plates and teach the karate gals the press, push-press, front squat, and bent-over row. I think they could use some pulling in their workouts and some overhead pushing. I wonder if they’d be interested. It’s surely not my place to offer ideas for improvement, but I can’t help myself!