Catching up

Forgot to post for a while!

Sept. 12, bench press up to 3 x 10 at 90 lbs. Also, karate class.

Sept. 16, Lurong challenge workout 2, 100 each burpees and 16-kg kettlebell swings, 12-minute cap, partition as needed. I got through 100 swings and 83 burpees. Some people finished them all.

Sept. 17, Lurong challenge workout 3, hang power cleans (95 lbs) and 10-meter-increment shuttle runs. 10 cleans, 2 runs; 8 cleans, 4 runs; 6 cleans, 6 runs; 4 cleans, 8 runs; 2 cleans, 10 runs (100m). Five minute cap. I got through everything except the final 50 meters. I had two no-reps. Lots of people finished it all.

Sept. 19 (today): back squat up to 3 x 5 at 175. It did not feel hard at the time but my legs and back are really tired now, 4 hours later. After 90 minutes or so I bench pressed up to 95 pounds for sets of 10, 7, and 8. I was by myself and stopped each set when it turned into a wobbling mess. In between all my bench sets I practiced karate standing basics and struggled to draw a map of the kata I’m learning.

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