Sunday bench press, sprint, pull-up

Yesterday: bench press to 5 x 5 at 100 lbs. I didn’t go up in weight from last week, but in number of sets. I want 100 to feel really solid and controlled before I add. After I bench press I always do a few sets of ring-rows and pull-ups. Yesterday it was 5 sets of 1 sprint ~100 meters then five pull-ups. I added weight each set of pull-ups. Today I’m a little sore from yesterday’s workout in both my upper and lower body.


Squat and bench press

Today, back squat warm-ups and then a set of 3 at 190#, and two sets of 3 at 200. I don’t know when I last squatted 200. Last time I back squatted was last month for 3 x 5 at 175.

Bench press PR: 3 x 5 at 100 lbs.

Monday of this week: Lurong paleo challenge workout 5:
10 power snatch 80#
20 pull-ups
30 box jumps 20″
40 kettlebell swings 16 kg
30 box jumps
20 pull-ups
10 power snatch
Time: 10:28 and I was extremely sore in my calves within 90 minutes afterward. I was very sore on Tuesday and medium sore on Wednesday. I was really astonished how sore my calves were because for the box jumps, I did step-ups. The only jumping I did was the two sets of 10 snatches. Eighty pounds is a significant effort for me but nowhere near failure and no press-out needed.

I’m missing a few workouts between the karate eval’s on Sept. 24 and this past Monday’s WOD. We had another Lurong WOD, #4, last week. I can’t even remember now what it was!