Let’s see now…

I can’t remember what workouts I did between Nov. 10 burpee/kettlebell extravaganza and yesterday when I did two out of three rounds of “Disaster Preparedness.” At some point I back squatted 200 lbs for 3 and bench pressed 100 a bunch of times. Today I deadlifted up to two sets of five at 165.

I’m just now starting to settle down after last week’s clean-up of the gym. We were closed for four and a half days starting Monday the 18th before noon. I have a whole journal in my G-docs detailing what happened all week, but the upshot is that a weak spot in a pipe broke while the restaurant upstairs had several toilets backed up, and a firehose of sewage filled about a third of the gym. (I assume they were using a plunger and the pressure broke through the weak pipe. They were probably like, oh great, that worked, now we can flush!)

Clean-up started immediately by the facilities manager and a professional clean-up crew, and the gym is now very clean and back open since Saturday. I was able to salvage almost everything and will have only a small insurance claim of under $2000 in lost equipment.

Thanks to the quick and supportive response from Woody, the facilities manager, I was able to manage our part of the clean-up without getting stressed out. It was a tiring week, but also thanks to our patient and generous customers, we did not have to reopen before we were ready and we had plenty of help moving equipment in and out. In some ways it turns a potential crisis into a great experience when you see that people care and they show it.

Karate has been hard, with more moving techniques. The ball of my right foot gets really sore and hurts, which is frustrating because I actually love being barefoot on their nice mats. I took this past Monday night off from karate because I felt strangely weak and fragile. I suppose it was the stress still processing out from last week.

Finishing the Lurong Challenge

Tom and I and Kyle and Margaret and … a few others waited until the last minute to complete our final Lurong Challenge workout: 100 burpees and 100 kettlebell swings for time. You could break them up any way you wanted. I finished in 11:46 which I was really pleased with, considering I didn’t finish within the 12 minutes the first time. Let’s see how I ranked in this challenge, which lists about 9900 participants in the roster:

Overall I rank 2807
Among all Masters Women (age 40-49; I’m 49) I rank 460 out of 1426
The following rankings are among all Masters Women working at Level III:
WOD 1, 259 out of 729 (wallball/deadlift/box jump)
WOD 2, 194 out of 570 (burpee/kettlebell swing)
WOD 3, 152 out of 204 (sprints/cleans)
WOD 4, 66 out of 238 (thrusters/toes to bar)
WOD 5, 35 out of 110 (snatch/pull-up/box jump/KB swing/box jump/pull-up/snatch)
WOD 6, 22 out of 52 (cleans and ring dips)
WOD 7, 27 out of 38 (burpee/FS/pushpress/farmerwalk)
WOD 8, 324 out of 526 (repeat WOD 1; I took 10 seconds off my time but ranked lower)
WOD 9, 112 out of 405 (repeat WOD 2; I did well because 3 people were driving me!)
WOD 10, 104 out of 138 (repeat WOD 3)

Catching up (maybe not all the way)

We took a great vacation to Hawaii in October for nine days. Other than that, I’ve been going to karate twice a week, doing all the Lurong workouts, doing a few other CrossFit workouts, and doing some barbell lifting and strict pull-ups and sprints. Karate is still super fun. I can’t even explain why I like it so much. I guess I just really like being coached and taught in physical skills, meeting the people involved, using the strength and conditioning I work on so much, and finding my limitations on the other hand. I love how we practice one thing over and over for a while so that I can get some gratification as it slightly improves.

I did better than the first time on the Lurong sprints/cleans workout, finishing in 4:50 where at the beginning I think I was 50 meters short of finishing. I did better in the wallball/deadlift/box jump one as well, but only by ten seconds. People in the gym today have been doing better at the burpee/kettlebell workout, too.

Monday I bench pressed up to 105, attempting three sets of five. I got stuck on rep 5 of set 2 and had to slowly dump the weight off each end of the bar. It was the first time that’s happened. We’re teaching the bench press now in the gym — or just starting to — and I hope people will be good spotters and that no one will get hurt. After that I did 6 sets of 7 strict pull-ups and back squats only up to a set of 8 at 145. Not having squatted in a few weeks, I’m sore from it. Later that day I went to karate.

Yesterday I did our gym’s WOD — let’s see if I can remember it all, it was long! 25 doubleunders, 25 supermans, 25 box jumps, 25 sit-ups, 25 walking lunges, 25 kettlebell snatches at 16 kg, three rounds for time, I think I took 18:20? I’m the same as I ever was. I can do most things on the CF menu and do them with good form, but I’m not fast.

Last Wednesday I set my alarm clock for 5 PM instead of 5 AM by accident, and with a bit of lingering jet lag, I didn’t wake up until 7 AM. I missed the first class I was supposed to teach. Today, also a Wednesday, I set the alarm on a brand new radio for 5 AM. I woke up, checked my watch, and it was 5:33. I jumped up, brushed my teeth, cleaned up and got dressed, and went out to the dining room to make coffee. And the clock out there said… 4:45. I had forgotten to “fall back” last Sunday with my wristwatch. So I had actually awakened half an hour before I needed to be up. It took a while for this to sink in, but I enjoyed a relaxed breakfast and read the New Yorker before going to the gym. I felt rested. I wish I could overcome my anxiety about getting up early, because I enjoy it when I do it.

I taught my classes and then took my scooter to the shop, Scoot About, where I am longing to buy a new scooter, the Sym [something] 200 EVO. I got a bus home without having to wait. And I mailed my FTDNA test in.