Catching up (maybe not all the way)

We took a great vacation to Hawaii in October for nine days. Other than that, I’ve been going to karate twice a week, doing all the Lurong workouts, doing a few other CrossFit workouts, and doing some barbell lifting and strict pull-ups and sprints. Karate is still super fun. I can’t even explain why I like it so much. I guess I just really like being coached and taught in physical skills, meeting the people involved, using the strength and conditioning I work on so much, and finding my limitations on the other hand. I love how we practice one thing over and over for a while so that I can get some gratification as it slightly improves.

I did better than the first time on the Lurong sprints/cleans workout, finishing in 4:50 where at the beginning I think I was 50 meters short of finishing. I did better in the wallball/deadlift/box jump one as well, but only by ten seconds. People in the gym today have been doing better at the burpee/kettlebell workout, too.

Monday I bench pressed up to 105, attempting three sets of five. I got stuck on rep 5 of set 2 and had to slowly dump the weight off each end of the bar. It was the first time that’s happened. We’re teaching the bench press now in the gym — or just starting to — and I hope people will be good spotters and that no one will get hurt. After that I did 6 sets of 7 strict pull-ups and back squats only up to a set of 8 at 145. Not having squatted in a few weeks, I’m sore from it. Later that day I went to karate.

Yesterday I did our gym’s WOD — let’s see if I can remember it all, it was long! 25 doubleunders, 25 supermans, 25 box jumps, 25 sit-ups, 25 walking lunges, 25 kettlebell snatches at 16 kg, three rounds for time, I think I took 18:20? I’m the same as I ever was. I can do most things on the CF menu and do them with good form, but I’m not fast.

Last Wednesday I set my alarm clock for 5 PM instead of 5 AM by accident, and with a bit of lingering jet lag, I didn’t wake up until 7 AM. I missed the first class I was supposed to teach. Today, also a Wednesday, I set the alarm on a brand new radio for 5 AM. I woke up, checked my watch, and it was 5:33. I jumped up, brushed my teeth, cleaned up and got dressed, and went out to the dining room to make coffee. And the clock out there said… 4:45. I had forgotten to “fall back” last Sunday with my wristwatch. So I had actually awakened half an hour before I needed to be up. It took a while for this to sink in, but I enjoyed a relaxed breakfast and read the New Yorker before going to the gym. I felt rested. I wish I could overcome my anxiety about getting up early, because I enjoy it when I do it.

I taught my classes and then took my scooter to the shop, Scoot About, where I am longing to buy a new scooter, the Sym [something] 200 EVO. I got a bus home without having to wait. And I mailed my FTDNA test in.