Catching up

Last Saturday, 6:30 AM: Our Twelve Days version, 34:29. I’m one of the slower people among the ones who don’t really use modifications. I love watching everybody else and just grinding through it and I don’t see any reason to push for speed — despite the fact that that’s what CrossFit is all about!

I got really stressed out with party and holiday prep and pretty much blew my stack for the second time this season. The next days after a big stress-out I feel like I have a hangover from some sort of poison, which I guess is true, in the form of too much stress hormone for too long a time. My behavior since then has reminded me of late grade school, like 6th, 7th, 8th grade, when I never did a single thing that wasn’t required. I was so protective and withdrawn that I wouldn’t do anything extracurricular or take honors classes; all I did was sit at home and read or draw or listen to records. It was because of stress and anxiety that I now understand. At the time all I knew was that being at home was safe and comfortable.

This week, with the stress and anxiety, I didn’t work out until today or even do any light barbell practice, let alone anything heavy or intense. I did go to karate but I had to make myself because I didn’t want to. When I have a lot of anxiety all I want to do is sit and read, maybe take a short nap, or if appropriate, go to sleep and sleep in. It feels very withdrawn, though I suppose those are healthy ways to relax. I unfortunately also eat to relax sometimes. I don’t eat bad-for-me stuff, but at those times I eat too much of things I should only have a little of. I have to remind myself that my diet, sleep, and health are excellent over all and that there is no such thing as perfect. I’m not about to slide back into the thoughtless eating of many years ago. Still I wish I could gain some sort of perspective into my true needs at the time, so that I would not stuff my face!

Today, inertia made me not want to work out, but it was high time, so I did “Fran” and had a decent time of 5:34. Then I did a few sets of back squats up to only 145 and was out of time before class.

Update: I did “Fran” again that evening with a class. I used the 45 lb bar and finished in 4:23.


Clean, toes to bar, wallball, lunge

Thursday, Dec. 5

Strength workout: weighted lunges. I did eight per side, five sets, finishing on 25# dumbbells.

Six rounds for reps (score), :40 on :20 rest: Power cleans (95#), toes to bar, wallball (14#)
My score was 194. If I had not taken several wallball no-reps for height, I would have had over 200 — oh, well! It was a good workout.

Afterward I did sets of 8 back squats with a pause at the bottom, ending on a set at 125#. This seemed to fit perfectly with the WOD and within the time I had left before class.

Today: Four minutes of kettlebell snatches with 12 kg with my class; I did 95 I think. Later: Bench press. It feels heavy. Last time I PR’d with 3 x 5 at 105. Today it’s 3 x 5 at 95. (Hmm, because of the kettlebell snatches? — this is why the barbell purists hate CrossFit — who cares.)

Bench, goodmorning, karate

Yesterday I finally succeeded with 105 on the bench press for 3 x 5. It was hard but on each rep I didn’t have any doubts about whether I’d get it. So that was gratifying — that’s the weight at which I’d got stuck before, on the fifth rep of my second set several weeks ago. Yesterday after benching I did goodmornings for sets of 8 up to 75 lbs. I ran out of time before class on that.

After the day in the gym I went to karate. It was a good class. We stuck to fundamental movements so I was able to think about one aspect at a time. When we have multiple teachers in the class, sometimes I get corrections on so many things at once that I can’t really focus on anything, or practice making a certain correction. Last night I had a good moment of being able to remember the guard position of the hands, and to stop doing it as it was done in boxing at Cappy’s. That was nine years ago but it’s still what my hands do when told to put them on guard.

Also I wonder whether I’ll ever have a good roundhouse kick. Recently we were moving and kicking and blocking each other (too advanced for me in that I could not focus or think, and everything I did pretty much was wrong, including timing, height, position) and my roundhouse kicks ended up being at knee level. No good. Yesterday with coaching I was able to focus, as directed, on keeping the whole leg high enough to clear a low wall. But this was practiced while standing, not moving, so I felt like I was able to practice better. I’m not saying “correctly” because I still have not learned to rotate my shoulders with my hips while still looking forward.

1 muscle-up

Today I went to Kyle’s class to see how he would teach muscle-up progressions now that he’s been to the Ido Portal seminar (although without Ido). It was a good class, good progressions, and I did one muscle-up before we were done. Then we had a dumbbell workout that I started with 20 lb weights and after four rounds switched to 25 pound weights: 4 deadlift, 3 clean, 2 front squat, 1 jerk, AMRAP 15 minutes. I got 22 rounds, could not keep up with Tricia who did 23!

Muscle-up progressions:
Learn scapula positions and try it standing
Chin-ups, using these positions intentionally (or do negatives)
False-grip ring-rows or holds
Pull and transition (feet on floor) AND reverse it (stay close) — 30 seconds per person, trade off
Try false grip hangs
Try a muscle-up if ready

Karate yesterday was fun. We didn’t get too far over my head as we sometimes do when we do moving partner drills and I can’t keep it together. Progress is going to be slow and I have to hang onto that beginner feeling of no expectations (except to keep trying).