1 muscle-up

Today I went to Kyle’s class to see how he would teach muscle-up progressions now that he’s been to the Ido Portal seminar (although without Ido). It was a good class, good progressions, and I did one muscle-up before we were done. Then we had a dumbbell workout that I started with 20 lb weights and after four rounds switched to 25 pound weights: 4 deadlift, 3 clean, 2 front squat, 1 jerk, AMRAP 15 minutes. I got 22 rounds, could not keep up with Tricia who did 23!

Muscle-up progressions:
Learn scapula positions and try it standing
Chin-ups, using these positions intentionally (or do negatives)
False-grip ring-rows or holds
Pull and transition (feet on floor) AND reverse it (stay close) — 30 seconds per person, trade off
Try false grip hangs
Try a muscle-up if ready

Karate yesterday was fun. We didn’t get too far over my head as we sometimes do when we do moving partner drills and I can’t keep it together. Progress is going to be slow and I have to hang onto that beginner feeling of no expectations (except to keep trying).