Clean, toes to bar, wallball, lunge

Thursday, Dec. 5

Strength workout: weighted lunges. I did eight per side, five sets, finishing on 25# dumbbells.

Six rounds for reps (score), :40 on :20 rest: Power cleans (95#), toes to bar, wallball (14#)
My score was 194. If I had not taken several wallball no-reps for height, I would have had over 200 — oh, well! It was a good workout.

Afterward I did sets of 8 back squats with a pause at the bottom, ending on a set at 125#. This seemed to fit perfectly with the WOD and within the time I had left before class.

Today: Four minutes of kettlebell snatches with 12 kg with my class; I did 95 I think. Later: Bench press. It feels heavy. Last time I PR’d with 3 x 5 at 105. Today it’s 3 x 5 at 95. (Hmm, because of the kettlebell snatches? — this is why the barbell purists hate CrossFit — who cares.)