Flu and pneumonia

Since my last workouts on Thursday Jan. 16, when I thought I had the slightest hint of a minor cold, I’ve had the flu followed by pneumonia. I’m on a five-day course of antibiotics (azithromycin – “you take them for five days, but they go on working for ten days”) plus codeine cough syrup as needed. I’ve taken that only at night. I don’t think I’d ever taken any kind of narcotic before. Its effect on the cough is maybe not huge but it is very relaxing and helps with sleep overall.

I’m pleased to have had such excellent health and fitness going into this; I know I’m not nearly as exhausted as people typically describe with pneumonia, and did not have as high a fever as people often get with flu. Nor was the flu as long lasting as often described. On the other hand, just by teaching (in a lackluster manner) ONE class yesterday and then going to the grocery store, I felt I had set myself back, and I sat/laid on the couch all afternoon and into the evening until dinner. I have to remember that this is going to be a longer recovery process than I’ve probably ever gone through. To the extent I’m not completely exhausted, I ought to be pleased, without thinking that means I have enough “battery” to do normal activities (full-on active teaching; karate workouts; and barbell and CrossFit workouts).

Until when? I don’t know how I will know that. This is a lung infection. People say if it relapses, it is worse. Starting in 48 hours I expect to teach my normal classes. I will do everything I can to keep my teaching as passive as possible next week. Monday will be a hurdle because I teach 7:30 AM, 9:30, noon, 4:30 PM and 5:30. Tuesday evening three classes, Wednesday morning four classes. That seems like a lot, based on my experience teaching ONE class yesterday. If I get through those with adequate rest during the days to avoid setting my recovery back, that will be an achievement. Let’s say I can avoid any demonstrating and moving any equipment — which is a stretch in both cases — just the amount of speaking is a LOT for the state I’m in. Of course, Monday is two days away. Today and tomorrow: indoors, no chores.

I also wonder how this will affect my health over the whole year. Will I be more susceptible to colds, or if I get one will it be worse? Hopefully not. I expect to take colds a bit more seriously and try harder to conserve energy when I have one, either way.

Symptoms I’ve had from day to day:

Thursday Jan. 16
Slight feeling in my nose/throat of getting a cold. It was easy to ignore, and I worked out, including heavy deadlifts in the evening.

Same as Thursday, until about 5-6 pm, when I realized I was feeling worse, but still as if I had a cold, now in the chest a little bit.

Skin hurting, 101.1 degree fever, slight backache, multiple naps. Didn’t leave the house, no teaching classes. Craved raisins and oranges and salted nuts (together) and didn’t eat “lunch” until Tom went out and bought those for me.

Slightly strange dreams. Skin hurting, 100-101 degree fever sometimes down to 99.5 and then up again when sleeping in bed. Shaking chills, twice when getting out of bed for the bathroom. Skin hurt, backache. Raisins, nuts, orange again.

Woke up coughing in the night. Nyquil helps. No fever to begin with, no skin hurting. Taught two classes and found it very tiring. Backache, ache all around torso. Fever 101 in the afternoon after sleeping in bed. Jaw aches. Raisins, nuts again.

Woke up coughing: Nyquil. No fever on Tuesday. Slept in and also took a 90 minute nap. Continued sedentary, no teaching classes. No fever all day; backache was less and went away after the nap. Coughing when talking. Severe compulsion to dry cough. Chest hurts, jaw aches from coughing. Robitussin takes the edge off. Raisins, nuts.

Taught at 6:30 & 7:30. Dry cough, weak, torso aches, jaw aches. While resting before the noon class, I had such a violent coughing fit that I realized that that symptom was getting worse, not better. I always get a cough at the end of a cold; but I’d had the flu, not a cold, and this cough was worse, so maybe this was something worse than just a cough at the end of a cold. Felt terrible, felt I was losing ground. I went to the doctor and found out I have pneumonia in my right lung. Azithromycin 5 days; codeine.

I wonder if the raisins and oranges craving (a sweets craving) was because of the pneumonia bacteria. How can I find out what the bacteria was (probably can’t) and then I could see if it’s known that they live on glucose.

Holding. Not losing ground. Unpleaseant cough but not enough to cause a headache or a jaw ache like previous days. Weakish, walking slowly to maintain breathing rate to avoid cough. One hour chatting on and off with Kyle was tiring to voice, chest, head, and made me have to leave because I was getting close to a big coughing spasm. Had cough spasms throughout the day but not so violent or out of control as yesterday.

Felt decent, had not coughed much all night prior (took codeine twice). Woke at 8:00 feeling could have slept two more hours. Gym at 9:15 for extra help class. Taught rowing, deadlift, pressurize, it was too much and made me tired and cough. Went to grocery store. Got home so tired, chest hurting, lay down and read, after an hour or so took some codeine. Feel like I set myself back. Lay down all afternoon. Better in the evening but tired, spacy, coughing but not enough to cause headache or jaw ache. Took codeine before sleep Fri night and did not wake up coughing; did not need another dose in the middle of the night.

Saturday Jan. 25
Woke at 9:00 refreshed. Same chest tightness sensation although I continue to be able to breathe more deeply each day. Sporadic dry or loose coughing. Showering, dressing, making breakfast was tiring.┬áRested and read on the couch or in bed a lot. Took a nap of about an hour asleep. Felt better and stronger in the evening. Slept well, took codeine but prob didn’t need to. Didn’t cough.

Sunday Jan. 26
Woke at 8:00 with Tom, went back to bed and slept until almost 10:30, felt awesome. Rested and read a lot, did not go out. Cough is occasional and often loose. Feeling a lot better.

Went to teach class at 7:30 AM, felt rested and good, my voice was good. I made sure not to move gear or demonstrate. I taught at 9:30 and noon as well. I felt worn out from talking, I was starting at noon to cough a lot more than I would like, and my chest starting to hurt a little bit. Arranged for Lance to teach the evening classes.

Symptoms I have not had: sinus/nasal congestion, nausea/vomiting, stomachache, lower GI issues.

Squats and WOD

Today, back squats up to 2 sets of 8 at 155 and then 1 set of 8 at 165. (Cardio!) Then I did today’s WOD with Kyle. “With” in the sense that we started at the same time — of course he finished more than a minute faster.

400m run
21 squats
15 overhead kettlebell swings, 12 kg
9 pull-ups
3 rounds for time; 11:27 Rx.

Later, in class, I deadlifted with Beth and Susan. I went up to 1 x 5 at 210. Felt good. I don’t know if I’ve ever squatted and deadlifted on the same day before. Not heavy anyway. I’m tired!

For the past week I hadn’t worked out except to go to karate two or three times. Karate is going great. Next Tuesday night we have evaluations. I have to test on basics and one kata. I’ve been under so much stress related to the gym that my only focus was on being as upbeat in there as ever and running good classes. And personally I’m in the middle of a Whole30, which feels like a great means of self-care and an appropriate level of discipline. On the other hand, committing to doing the Open feels like too much pressure.

I led about 45 people in the Lurong Paleo challenge last fall, then that ended and the sewer pipe upstairs exploded. It closed us for five days and set in motion a clean-up and gear-replacement project that is almost finished. All we need now is shelves. But wait, we also had a water leak in the office, and now there’s a stink in there. So as soon as we get the shelves we will probably have to remove floor mats, carpet, and drywall in the office too. Meanwhile for a separate reason I’ve sought legal advice and met with our landlord and a real-estate agent in an effort to solve a problem that is more stressful than all the other stuff put together. Between that and the Whole30 and teaching my three types of classes, I’ve been doing a great job; and yet nobody has said so — people are sorry I’m stressed but want me to get rid of the smell in the office. I’m their mom.

Deadlift, pull-up, pistol

Today: Deadlift up to five reps at 205 (hard). Then since I had my weightlifting shoes on I thought I should do some pistols. I did 5 x 5 pistols per side, alternating, mixed in with 5 x 5 pull-ups, two of those sets (of pull-ups) with an 8 kg kettlebell. The pistols felt great. But only with weightlifting shoes on!


Squat and bench

Today: “pause squats” up to 3 x 5 at 135 lbs. My right knee has given me a pain on a certain extension range, such as on the way up out of a lunge or stepping up onto a box. I feel it just a tiny bit when squatting. Pause squats let me go slowly and focus on sitting back, and are challenging without being as heavy, so they are fun and hopefully useful.

Next I bench pressed with spotting from George, up to 3 x 5 at 110, which is a PR. My sets were 5 reps at 65, 75, 95, 105, 110, 110, 110. The final sets were not as hard as I expected and I think this is because I did fewer warm-up sets and was less fatigued.

End of December workouts

Thursday, Dec. 26: I started over on the Rings I program from Gold Medal Bodies, doing day 1 (above the rings).

Friday, Dec. 27: Rings workout day 2, below the rings. Bench press up to 100 for 3 x 5.

Saturday, Dec. 28: karate class. Rusty from sporadic attendance. But fun! Worked on (among other things) forward and backward rolls and a new cool type of side roll that’s like a cartwheel — sort of — with shoulders going on the ground instead of hands? It was really fun. I had extremely sore muscles in my neck the next day. I would like to find safe neck-strengthening exercises.

Monday Dec. 30 (yesterday): Deadlifted up to 1 set of 5 at 185. Heavy. Then did that day’s WOD: 30 second on, 30 off, for five rounds rotating: row, thruster 45#, pull-up, box jump 12″ (was prescribed), push-up. I scored 295 reps total. I sandbagged a bit on round 1 and tried to add a rep afterward wherever I possibly could. This plus the built-in rest led me to push hard and I was nauseous for 15-20 minutes after I finished. I’m happy with how hard I worked on that workout! That night I went to karate though I was pretty tired. I had a short nap in the afternoon before teaching the rest of my classes.