End of December workouts

Thursday, Dec. 26: I started over on the Rings I program from Gold Medal Bodies, doing day 1 (above the rings).

Friday, Dec. 27: Rings workout day 2, below the rings. Bench press up to 100 for 3 x 5.

Saturday, Dec. 28: karate class. Rusty from sporadic attendance. But fun! Worked on (among other things) forward and backward rolls and a new cool type of side roll that’s like a cartwheel — sort of — with shoulders going on the ground instead of hands? It was really fun. I had extremely sore muscles in my neck the next day. I would like to find safe neck-strengthening exercises.

Monday Dec. 30 (yesterday): Deadlifted up to 1 set of 5 at 185. Heavy. Then did that day’s WOD: 30 second on, 30 off, for five rounds rotating: row, thruster 45#, pull-up, box jump 12″ (was prescribed), push-up. I scored 295 reps total. I sandbagged a bit on round 1 and tried to add a rep afterward wherever I possibly could. This plus the built-in rest led me to push hard and I was nauseous for 15-20 minutes after I finished. I’m happy with how hard I worked on that workout! That night I went to karate though I was pretty tired. I had a short nap in the afternoon before teaching the rest of my classes.