Back squats, deadlift

Tuesday: 4 sets of 10 back squats at 155 lbs. Actually the 4th set was 11 reps; I got carried away. Also lots of rings swinging, Santa Monica Beach-style. My favorite thing.

Today: Deadlifts up to 1 set of 5 at 210. Then I worked for a while on forward and backward shoulder rolls, handstands, and got up my nerve for one or two handstand roll-outs. Tonight I’ll go to karate.

Thursday, Monday

Last Thursday, Feb. 20 during open gym, I did front squats up to 5 x 5 at 125 (and it felt heavy), intermixed with at least two lengthy handstand attempts (wall) in between each set and also sets of five strict pull-ups.

Saturday, karate.

Today, everything that’s on the CF 206 menu today: front squats again, this time for light weight and high reps: 15-12-9 at 87 lbs. (It was supposed to be 70% of your most recent 5-rep max.) Then the WOD was 5 dumbbell snatch one side followed by either five push-ups or five ring-rows (alternate each round), 5 snatches other side, 5 V-ups, AMRAP 12 minutes. I got 10 rounds 15 reps with a 30 lb dumbbell and felt really good about it — I kept moving and was faster than another young woman who also used 30 lbs. She’s not really an appropriate comparison/competitor for me but I like to have someone as a benchmark. Tonight, karate.

WOD then deadlift

Today at 8:30: Nine-minute WOD. I warmed up with a 500m row in 2:02. The WOD was AMRAP 9 minutes of 9 dumbbell push-jerks, 9 dumbbell front squats, 9 pull-ups. I ¬†used a pair of 20-pound dumbbells and completed 5 rounds 8 reps. After 10:30 I deadlifted, up to 1 set of 5 at 195. Tonight I went to karate and Renee kept us moving a lot, it was fun. I’m not nearly as winded as I was the first time back to karate after pneumonia.

Kettlebell snatch, back squat…

Today I got up at 5:00 AM and taught four classes finishing at 1:00 PM. I worked out with my 7:30 class (of two people). We did:

8 kettlebell snatch (I used 12 kg)
8 weighted lunge steps with the kettlebell racked
8 ring push-ups (my rings were 8″ above the floor)
AMRAP 8 minutes. I got 5 rounds + 22 reps.
Immediately after the 8 minutes was up, we ran 400m just for fun.

Between 8:30 and 9:30, I back squatted up to 3 sets of 5 at 155. It was hard; but it felt better and more stable than the 135 last week. On the other hand, my right knee is achy and my hips are achy.

I felt fine health-wise during all this. I had also run 400m as part of my 6:30 AM class’s warm-up. My lungs seem back to normal. I have almost no cough; when I do cough, it’s more of a throat-clearing. So I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Jan. 21 and feel all-clear on Feb. 12: a four-week recovery after diagnosis. I was diagnosed on the sixth day that I was sick, so if you count that, it’s almost five weeks. I’m slightly less strong lift-wise and slightly more easily winded.

I lost two pounds in January on the Whole30 and was sick for about half the month. I ate a bit less than normal and a bit more carbs than normal. Nothing dramatic. I believe losing two pounds was mostly fat around the waist, because my waistline changed. If I’m less strong, I think it’s from being out of shape from not working out rather than from any dramatic damage to my system or major loss of muscle mass/wasting. I lost whatever muscle mass one would lose when sedentary for three weeks even if not sick, I think.

I got sick because of an acute stress related to the gym. I’m slightly more optimistic now, but I have a lot of anxiety. I feel like the wasted energy of anxiety is part of what has made me lift less and work less hard on WODs. I have anxiety when I have to wake up early, anxiety while planning my classes, anxiety about whether I am running my classes professionally enough… there’s really nothing one can’t be anxious about once you get the ball rolling. I need to get it to stop.

Catching up

Last Thursday, Feb. 6: deadlifts up to 175. It felt more solid than the squats a few days earlier. Later on Thursday, in Kyle’s 4:30 class, I did that day’s WOD: 50 kettlebell swings (12 kg), 12 deadlifts (bodyweight was Rx but I used 95 lbs), 21 sit-ups, 3 rounds for time. This took me the ridiculous amount of time of 10:20. I’m slow at sit-ups, and I was winded enough to break up my second and third sets of kettlebell swings. This was my first WOD since pneumonia that had a significant cardio component. I used a light deadlift because I knew I’d struggle with the cardio – maybe not a good excuse.

Today, WOD with the 7:30 AM class. I didn’t try to go fast and I didn’t start right at the beginning — it occurred to me to work out with them once they’d already started. It was 9 dumbbell snatch (20#), 9 push-ups, 9 Turkish get-up sit-ups, 9 goblet squats, AMRAP 15 minutes. I did four rounds. Later, at noon, people did 6 to 8 rounds. After class I also shoulder pressed up to 2 x 5 at 72. After that I kept trying for a 1 rep max. I lifted 87 but failed on 90.

I watched the Seattle Affiliate League competition yesterday. Three of our athletes participated. I was so proud of them! But I was sad that I hadn’t involved myself in it, and we had to use a second female teammate from another gym. Nevertheless I probably won’t participate in the next two, either, nor in the Open. I don’t think it’s because of being sick two weeks ago. That took the wind out of me, but I could participate in any of these things without doing myself damage — I think — I would just be worse winded than I used to be. I have had so much anxiety and stress (which brought on the pneumonia) that I resist doing anything that isn’t required of me. Just like in grade school. I just want to stay home and read.

Also when it comes to working out, who am I supposed to please besides myself? I always found it really motivating to know that if I did well, someone in the gym, like Dave or really anyone, might be impressed with what I could do. Now there is no one to be impressed. The shoe is on the other foot and I’m definitemy impressed by our athletes. But I miss being a “student.” I’m a student at karate but I’ve fallen behind and there’s no reason anyone should be impressed.

Back squats

Back squats up to 135 for three sets of 5. I felt a little weak, less solid than usual at this weight that is routine / medium for me normally. My knees and hips were achy. I’m still coughing but nothing worrisome. I lost two pounds in January: one pound before 1/15 and one pound after I was sick. I was doing the Whole30 all month, so it’s not necessarily because I was sick that I lost two pounds; and two pounds is not a lot regardless. So, how much strength have I lost? Is it torso fatigue from coughing that made the squats feel so much less stable? Or would I have lost strength in my legs? It’s hard to tell.

First WOD since January 16

was yesterday, Feb. 3. A bunch of slowish calisthenics and light overhead squats and KB cleans. I spent about 14:37 on it. It was at 7:30 AM and I felt fine. My chest/lungs are just a little sensitive still, so I won’t try sprinting or jumping for a while longer. Later in the day I was too tired to go to karate, though I did go last Saturday. On Saturday I was more winded than usual but no big deal.

Today I’m doing 5 press/5 pushpress (same set) at 63 pounds. It feels like a reasonable workout.