Thursday, Monday

Last Thursday, Feb. 20 during open gym, I did front squats up to 5 x 5 at 125 (and it felt heavy), intermixed with at least two lengthy handstand attempts (wall) in between each set and also sets of five strict pull-ups.

Saturday, karate.

Today, everything that’s on the CF 206 menu today: front squats again, this time for light weight and high reps: 15-12-9 at 87 lbs. (It was supposed to be 70% of your most recent 5-rep max.) Then the WOD was 5 dumbbell snatch one side followed by either five push-ups or five ring-rows (alternate each round), 5 snatches other side, 5 V-ups, AMRAP 12 minutes. I got 10 rounds 15 reps with a 30 lb dumbbell and felt really good about it — I kept moving and was faster than another young woman who also used 30 lbs. She’s not really an appropriate comparison/competitor for me but I like to have someone as a benchmark. Tonight, karate.