Cleans, bench, “Mary”

Monday, March 3: I worked on full cleans and worked up to 3 x 3 at 120 lbs. They were hard. I hadn’t worked on cleans in a long time. Combined with letting them down instead of dropping them onto the floor from the rack position, it was quite a workout although very low volume. On Tuesday I was sore in the traps and back. Monday night I went to karate too.

Tuesday, March 4: Bench press for lighter weight at high reps. I used 80 pounds and did a set each of 15, 12, 9, and 6 reps. The set of 15 I broke up very briefly into 6, 6, 3. I thought then the set of 12 would be even harder, but instead I somehow pulled it together and did the set of 12 and the other two sets unbroken. Then I did 3 Turkish get-ups per side with 8 kg and then 12 kg. Later, with the 5:30 PM class, I did “Mary”: AMRAP 20 minutes of 5 handstand push-ups, 10 pistols, 15 pull-ups. For the HSPU’s I used one AbMat under my head and kipped after the first five. I got six rounds plus two or three hspu’s. I had had trouble finishing my sixth round of the pull-ups because I tore one callus. So it was just as well that time was up. I love that workout, though I hate tearing my hands!